A Soul Reading for Laura

What is a Soul Reading?A soul reading is similar to a psychic reading, but more in-depth. Yes, it involves prophecy, but it also involves healing, inspiration and practical exercises that will encourage you to work on your issues long after the reading is over. The true purpose of a soul reading is to help you jump start the process of soul transformation, as you learn to accept accountability for your life.

I begin each soul reading by taking a look, with the use of my third eye or inner vision, at your overall energy state, your soul spirit essence, your Divine nature; it is the part of you that never dies. In some cases your spirit guides and ancestors will also pop in to say hello and share a message or two.

All my readings are done over distance via the internet, because for me personally, I find that reading someone's energy this way gives much better results. It allows me to put my full attention upon the client's soul spirit essence, and not be distracted by how they might be feeling at that moment. I will still be able to sense if they are nervous, unfocused, or even skeptical, but because they are far away it will not be as distracting as if they were sitting right in front of me.

Below is an actual sample of a One Question Soul Reading (with kind permission from my client, Laura Gellar.) But first, I would like to share Laura's response to her reading.

Laura's Response to Her Reading: I received my reading during a very black part of my life. Being desperately unhappy and not knowing why can make you feel like you're in a dark space. To be perfectly honest I didn't understand much about what the reading was trying to tell me at first, so I read it over and over and eventually I saw a crack starting to appear in the dark wall around me. The suggestion of drinking nettle tea didn't seem to appeal to me, but I have started drinking it and to my complete amazement I feel completely energized! It really does help. Also I took the advice of working with a picture of a waterfall and I bought a huge picture and made it a centre piece in my lounge. I feel peace and ease when I sit and look at it.

Over all the reading allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I was told that the one thing I needed to do was be open to love and I always thought I was, but this is where the different perspective comes in. I was thinking be open to love from a lover, but I have recently closed myself off from everyone and everything, but slowly and surely I'm taking the advice as it was meant and trying to let people love me again. I feel so much more positive about my future now and know that I will eventually be able to move forward! Kathy you are amazing, you rescued me when I thought there was no hope left for me. Thank you. A Soul Reading for Laura This reading is in response to Laura's question, “How can I make myself happy again?”

My First Impressions: - I immediately sensed that this reading was going to be delving into some really deep stuff.

- I sensed that energetically and physically you have a feeling of being overwhelmed and very tired.

- I suggest working with the stone Jet, to help with healing.

Jet is used to banish all negativity in order to clearly hear one’s intuition and inner light. It also helps us accept the Earth as the place we need to be for the present and opens ancient wisdom along with the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the planet.

I also chose to work with my Zodiac Goddess Power deck for your reading and pulled a card called “The Pisces Goddess.”

- I really feel as though the best way to help you and heal you will be to take you for a spirit visit to my own spirit guide, Annie.

- So we go together to visit Annie and she sweeps around you (sweeps your aura/your energy/your spirit essence) with her broom of white feathers (to clear and cleanse the tired, overwhelming feeling I sensed earlier.)

- She then gives you a small, carved white swan, telling you that it is your totem animal for right now.

- After working with Annie, I really felt a huge shift in your energy in connection with her healing work.

The meaning of the swan as a totem ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and of development of your intuitive abilities. You may have the ability to see the future, to surrender to the power of Great Spirit, and to accept healing and self-transformation. Learn how to relax, it will be easier if you go with the flow. Pay attention to your hunches and your gut knowledge and honor your female intuitive side.

- I also suggest working with a Blue Cat’s Eye Sapphire by placing it over your third eye (between your eyebrows and a little above.) This will help lighten the load and clear your energy.

- I also suggest working with an Isis Crystal. These crystals enhance the feminine principle, helping restore the balance lost through a misuse of masculine energy, assertion, ego and power.

- When working with this crystal it felt very emotional, and I suggest working with the image of a waterfall as well.

- I get a sense of you as a woman, getting in touch with your emotions, your perceptiveness and your sensitivity.

I pull another card for you, but this time from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and it is called “Nettle.”

Nettle builds and empowers the fire element in a person, and helps to break up excessive watery or waterlogged emotions to allow the person to contact her rage and anger and cut through self-pity and victim-hood. It is for evoking the will in women and contacting the warrior within. You can drink a cup of nettle tea every day in the morning and continue as long as you feel the need.

- I also suggest working with a Fairy Quartz Cluster as well, I can hear Mother Earth and the fairies telling me there is something you need to do and that is, “Be open to love.”

- I see someone named “Matt?” – he is a gentle sensitive boy (man!) in browns, and he has blue eyes. You are falling in love.

- Yet you are also feeling very stable in love, and you are trusting, knowing it is possible, yet it’s not an overwhelming, all consuming passion, but instead a true love – both solid and true. Know this.

I pull another card for you, from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck, but this time to take a look a bit further into the future and it is called “Wild Rose Fairy.”

The Wild Rose Fairy teaches us about the balance of giving; how to do so selflessly, and to take joy in the process, rather than expecting a return.

- I see you meeting this boy in a forest glade (?!) It appears to be an outdoor party under the stars.

- He may be thin armed and wearing a long sleeved thin sweater. He is a bit dreamy, but smart as a whip!

I am ending your reading by sending you a prayer for peace-of-mind, gentle beauty and softness.

Many Sparkly Blessings to you, Laura!

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