Love is Pain - A Lodestone Healing

This Lodestone pendant was created by healing arts jeweler Verda Brown: As a healer, I believe some type of healing or blessing is imparted to the bearer along with a piece selected according to what attracted the person to begin with.

are naturally magnetic pieces of iron ore. Iron ore becomes magnetic due to lightning striking it over an extended period of time. This is more likely to happen in areas such as mountain tops, where large expanses of iron ore are exposed. Lodestones are considered to be very powerful and sacred by cultures that value blacksmithing and lightning deities.

Lodestone has quite the magical and healing history: it was originally used by sailors over two thousand years ago to create the first compasses, and it was also popular with prostitutes who used it to attract male customers to their bed.

Healers use Lodestone (often in pairs) to help break through energy blocks, repel negativity and help the physical body regain its balance and strength.

Feeding Lodestones: Many traditions consider the Lodestone to be a "living stone" and recommend feeding and watering it by sprinkling it with iron shavings or magnetized sand sprinkled.

Ann's Struggle with Psoriasis:
Today we will look at Ann and her lifelong struggle with psoriasis.

Ann's Story:
Love is pain
is psoriasis
is protection, like armour
against vulnerability
against love
against pain.

Ann's Dilemma:
What if there was no more pain...does this mean there is no more love either?
Drinking dulls the pain.
Making love is just sex and it means nothing.

A Crystal Healing Exercise for Psoriasis -
Healing the Mind/Body Split with Lodestone:

- I recommend adding these simple crystal healing exercises to your everyday routine.
- You can also work with Lodestone by holding it in your hand and brushing it just above the affected area.
- Make sure to cleanse your lodestone after every session; a simple sage smudge or your favorite cleansing ritual should be enough.
- Note: Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by pregnant women or by persons with pacemakers or defibrillators without first checking with your primary care provider.

Exercise 1 - A 3rd Eye Chakra Healing & Teaching:

Place lodestone on your 3rd eye (between your eyebrows)while lying down.

By giving with love I receive love.
Love begets Love.

Warning: this is a powerful stone and may cause old buried feelings to re-surface, along with pain and nausea if over-used.

Exercise 2 - A DreamWork Teaching:
Try sleeping with a piece of lodestone under your pillow.

Tell your story, blog it, tell us about your pain, your psoriasis - let it out, unfiltered, use a pseudonym if necessary.
Step 1. Release your story
Step 2. Tell a live person, face-to-face
Step 3. Keep tabs on why and when your psoriasis flares up - track your emotions
Step 4. Report back in 1 week with your progress!

Something To Ponder:
Imagine the healing that is taking place right now if we consciously focus on releasing our pain and healing through telling. The danger is that we become addicted to "spilling the beans." Are you a blabber or a secret-keeper?

In Summary:
- A lodestone can be worn, carried or slept with under your pillow.
- Ann's Story will be continued on the next New Moon so please check back for an update.
- Please do write in and share your own personal lodestone healing journey.
- My Blessings go out to all of you who are brave enough to heal yourself.

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