Let's Be Honest with Each Other!


Ann Says:

I believe that many of us are on a healing journey and for me, healing my psoriasis is part of my life journey.

I have been working with the Lodestone Exercises every night and my psoriasis has not gone away (yet) but by taking the initial first steps towards healing myself I have already seen some changes in my condition.


1. I have opened up more to those I love.
2. I have discovered why my psoriasis flares up when it does.
3. I have a much better understanding about why I have psoriasis.
4. I can now see that the original purpose for having psoriasis is no longer relevant for me - it's original purpose was to protect me, like wearing armour, or a shield - it served as protection against getting hurt.


I have taken the first steps in my own self-healing and in the process have connected with a pranic healer in India who will be helping me heal my psoriasis, along with a good friend in Ontario, Canada who will be journeying (a Shamanic technique) for me as well."


Self-healing, psychic healing, crystal healing - these energy healing techniques may not always heal you in the exact way that you thought they would but they do open doorways that allow you to re-connect with another you that is innately healthy, whole and holy.


Please share your story in whatever way you can - the healing work you do as an individual heals us all, in the process.