Get Ready for the Nov. New Moon

8:55 am PST


The moon's astrological sign changes every 2 to 2 1/2 days, as she is the fastest moving of all the planets in the zodiac. Her lunar transits indicate daily and hourly moods, which can change as quickly as the moon's sign. When we attune our activities with the lunar flow, we become a channel for the wisdoms of the natural world. Approach each moon cycle as a journey and a teaching.

The new moon always rises and sets with the sun (the sun and the moon are in conjunction) and it is the very best time to seed new beginnings! So get to it!

If the transiting moon is conjunct (the same sign and degrees), as your natal sun or moon sign, it is a time of strength and authority, and a good time to center and look within your intuitive self more clearly to reconnect with your primary mode of emotionality.

You may want to create a ritual for these times (called returns) when the moon is in the same sign as your sun, moon , and other personal planets. This can give you the opportunity to ground yourself and attune to these energies.


Mutable Fire Sign - "I seek"

Keywords: fiery, independent, free, expressive, extroverted, leap of faith, Artemis, playful, restless.

This is a good time for exploring, reading philosophy, teaching, promotional activities, watching the stars, dancing, movement, sports, travel, metaphysics, study, and freedom from responsibility.

All artwork copyright 2008 by Kathy V. Crabbe

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Heidi:
"A true Sagittarius, I am a vagabond at heart. When I am creating, I have no less than 3 projects on the table, all being worked on at the same time.
Suffice to say that my craft area is unsafe for human occupation, and only I know where things are. I live simply, and dream simply as well. I do
not hope to "make it big", but instead to "make it matter". I don't need for my name to be known, but I do hope that my work will make a difference
in the life of someone. I donate a portion of proceeds to the Strive For Life Foundation to support the homeless Roma (gypsy) children of Romania."

Check out Heidi's art dolls here:
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