Take a chance on ME ~ Sagittarius New Moon

Almost Cloned by Kathy Crabbe Dear Creative Soul,

Take a chance on ME - it's almost the Sagittarius New Moon!

"Almost Cloned" is the name of the Fire Power Sagittarian Goddess I painted just for this New Moon and she says:

"Ya, today I'm feeling a little disconnected and apart from the world, but I still want to do my part and be of service. And if the only way I can do that is by drawing it out and sharing it with you, then so be it."

I've done my part. Now it's your turn.

Print me out and use me; to tell your story, to go within, to be more psychic, to draw with your non-dominant hand, to take a chance, and to be somebody you're really really proud of.

Then share it; with me; with the world.

Please return the favour and credit Kathy as the artist along with her website too: kathycrabbe.com I can't wait to hear back from you!

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Where's Mama Moon? New Moon in Sagittarius, Dec. 11, 2:29 a.m., Pacific Time

Almost Cloned (detail) by Kathy Crabbe


Sparkly Blessings! Love, Kathy Crabbe

ABOUT KATHY CRABBE Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty.

Web: KathyCrabbe.com Email: kathy@kathycrabbe.com Instagram: instagram.com/kathycrabbeart Facebook: facebook.com/kathycrabbeart

Making Yule Cards

pssst...If you want "Almost Cloned" bigger just email Kathy for a 300dpi large version you can print out and keep ~ happy Yule!

New Moon In Taurus: The Beat Goes On

Welcome to The Kosmic Mind Astrology Column written by Guest Astrologer Chad Woodward. Chad is an astrological researcher, massage therapist, healer, and artist PLUS a good friend of mine who I highly respect for his ongoing and unique explorations into the awesome potential of astrology and how it effects us on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. New Moon @ 12 degrees Taurus 31' May 2, 2011- 11:51 PM PDT May 3, 2011- 6:51 AM GMT

This new moon takes place in the sturdy, dependable, and deliberate sign of Taurus, grounding much of the energy we've been experiencing these past few weeks and bringing things a bit more 'down to earth'. As we set our intentions for the next lunar cycle, our attention is drawn into the essence of Taurus, as well as the Sabian symbol from which the new moon will fall. The Sabian symbol reads:

A porter carrying heavy baggage

The symbol embodies the notion, and indeed the inevitability, of carrying responsibilities in order to participate within an "organized society". The man in this modern image is a porter, one who is employed to carry luggage and such, usually at some form of transit station such as a railroad, airport, or even hotel. I feel the symbol of the porter, in reading into the nature of his occupation, gives us much more detail than interpreting the symbol solely on his actions alone. We get a sense, an image, of transport, movement, and the potential for travel whether literally or metaphorically. We see the image not of the journey or even the means of travel itself, but rather the preparation for travel, or perhaps, the arrival from a trip, and the loading or unloading of belongings and essentials. In fact, the porter is also, and sometimes entirely, a gatekeeper, or doorman, the one who shows the way in or out, and deals with the daily fluff as it passes by. Aside from the usual disparaging role such a figure plays, he embodies a deeply crucial archetype through which filters our means of interchange and communication. In a sense, he is essentially indifferent to any particular 'charge', in that his role is fluid and changing, neither up nor down, left or right, but pointed, always, in various directions at any given time. Interestingly the symbol uncannily reflects the sign of Taurus in the porter's actions, carrying belongings, stuff, material goods, possibly slowly, due to the heaviness of the luggage. We get the sense of social burden also from the heaviness of the baggage, and a sense of sacrifice on behalf of others regardless of whether he is 'paid' for his services or not. Perhaps this symbol suggests to us the intention of gaining clarity as to who we are burdening or who is burdening us? Are we carrying too much, are we sacrificing our own needs to take care of someone else's wants or demands? Are we depending too much on others to take care of our own needs or responsibilities? How can we lighten the load a bit, make the baggage less heavy for the porter?

The new moon in Taurus quincunxes Saturn in Libra, shedding light on how our needs or even belongings and resources conflict with those of others, how they function within a relationship or partnership. The cluster of planets currently residing in Aries: Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, draws much energy into self projection and self interest. Venus and Mercury are closely conjunct and in opposition to Saturn, again, reiterating the awareness of self and others, the need to love oneself, and whether such need is being allowed expression by others, or vice versa. The north node currently sits at 24 degrees Sagittarius, urging us to embrace our inner truth and expand our perception of the world and life's manifold possibilities. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, sits in Aries, conjunct Mars, and thus the nodal energy is working at maximum potential and momentum, generating a collective and individual yearning to conquer new frontiers of the outer world and inner psyche, to see beyond imposed limitations, and embrace what’s foreign. This symbolism fits quite nicely with the symbolism of the porter, assisting us in preparation for some form of journey or trip whether in the physical outer reality or the inner realm of our own unconscious. Blending the nature of this Taurean Moon, with the powerful and fiery conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, we feel a powerful draw to our own physical bodies, and getting more in touch with our own sensual and primal archetypes, creating a deeper awareness and attunement to the subtleties of our own organism.

The sign of Taurus embodies the cultivation of beauty, harmony, and consistent productivity. How can we bring more beauty into our lives, into our environment, and into the world we all share? How can we make things more enjoyable, harmonious, and efficient? What do you want right now? What do YOU value, what brings you inner joy and peace? These are all crucial questions we should each be asking ourselves, so that we can get clear about what we want to create in our own lives. Ceres in Pisces and Juno in Virgo are in a very tight opposition to one another, another configuration affecting our relationships, urging us to see deeply into the core truth of the matter and beyond delusions. Are our needs being sufficiently nurtured in our relationships? Are we nurturing the needs of others? Are we nurturing ourselves, our own needs? This may have the effect of having one deeply reflect on the core dynamics of a relationship, whether it is truly real and authentic, or whether things are being kept in the dark, stifling the truth. How can we nurture the situation with compassion so that we can get clear and create balance, and ideally, a win-win situation for all involved?

Take some time this new moon to enjoy simple pleasures, stop and smell the roses, and just experiment with BEING as opposed to doing. Sometimes when the answers you're looking for aren’t to be found by actively looking, the most profound solutions often arrive when we simply allow them to come to us on their own accord, when we're patient and receptive. Get in touch with your own inner beauty, and the beauty of the world, of your own body, and of nature. Explore the endless bounty the world has to offer. Currently, in our day and age, the media and consensus culture bombards us with all the atrocities and horrors of the world, all the "what's wrong", and we forget to notice all the truly beautiful and stunning creations that surround us. We forget to just stop and look at this magnificent creation, the truly remarkable beauty and intelligence that has evolved on this planet for millions and billions of years......and when we look at it from this perspective, we realize that "what's wrong" is a recent and fleeting arrival on this great and remarkable planet we call home. As we gain clarity into the deeper facets of our lives, try not to judge what comes up as "good" or "bad", but rather look at everything as a necessary component, assisting us in reaching our highest potential. Beauty, bliss, peace, joy, and functionality all around us, you just have to open your eyes, nature has been doing it all along, will continue to do so whether we're conscious of it or not.

Again, much of the energy of this new moon appears to be focused on the preparation for some kind of movement, some symbolic exodus. Look to your own life and see where such symbolism is relevant. What could you possibly prepare yourself for? What necessities would you need to take along? At the time of the Full Moon on May 17, much of this energy will fully culminate in the sign of Scorpio at the 26th degree. The sabian symbol reads:

A military band marches noisily on through the city streets.

Here we get an almost garish image of pomp and show, a loud and noisy display of “cultural values”, as Rudhyar interprets. On an individual level perhaps this suggests a process of fully integrating and then displaying or broadcasting ones own personal values, the potential of fully accepting and thus actively sharing one’s deepest passions with the outer world. On a collective level, perhaps this suggests some collective initiation of an event or process, and this new moon symbolizes its crystallization and eventual execution at the full moon. With this in mind, I feel it necessary to urge us all to focus more on our own values as opposed to getting swept away by collective fanfare, or the values and ideals of others. Stay true to yourself and to your own path, and sometimes, when you find little or no support, its best to just march onward to the beat of your own drum....

chad woodward astrologerAbout Chad Kosmic Mind Blog

Ever since I was young I found myself fascinated and mesmerized by the night sky, gazing up at its brilliance and immensity in awe. Somehow, this innate part of myself was looking for omens in that very sky, completely unaware of the vivid and profound art known as astrology, which has graced this planet for thousands of years. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I discovered the real horoscopic astrology that, from that point forward, would change and shape my life in ways I would have never imagined. It was truly love at first sight, a love that has only increased in its intensity ever since. Life with astrology is truly an adventure, as it unveils the magic of destiny, which has been sadly lost to our world for far too long.

My goal, as the late Joseph Campbell so eloquently stated, is to simply follow my bliss. Astrology is a guide to the unfolding of self and of the cosmos itself. It is in the proper application of this guide, that we as humans, can learn to no longer be an obstacle to the brilliance and intelligence of this cosmic unfolding. Currently, I am simply a researcher, massage therapist, healer, and artist doing my part in the ascension of the planet. I hope to share the joy and bliss that astrology can provide, as we learn to dance and flow in synchronicity with this great and mysterious divine plan.

Sag Spotlight on Gem Artist, Meg & Pirate Painter, Jeanne

Sag Artisan, Meg Arbo

New Moon in Sagittarius December 5, 2010 9:36 am pst

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Meg Arbo Etsy Shop: Gem Obra

What aspect of creating your art or craft do you find the most enjoyable? I think it is the moment I pick up a raw material and instinctively know what it needs to be; now that doesn't always happen. I had some beach glass on hand for years that I had picked up off the coast of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I would occasionally look at it and wonder what it wanted to be and I recall the day I finally knew. I looked at it and I knew it needed to be a necklace - I thought it was going to be a simple pendant and earrings but was wrong.

What originally got you started creating your art or craft? Truthfully? I wanted jewelry and was too cheap to pay thirty bucks for mass produced plastic! I saw some thing in a store and thought, "Oh, that's nice..." then I picked it up, realized it was a thirty-five dollar plastic piece and instantly knew I could make better for less!

Who has inspired you the most creatively, and why? My father's side of the family is mad creative! I think my Aunt Chris, her daughters, and one of my other cousins really spur me on. Incidentally, several of them are Sag's, too! When we are together I like to joke that there is a great sphere of celestial power percolating around us and all should look out lest they be swept up in it!

How did you decide what medium to work in? Well, being a Sagittarius I have many interests and I feel that through various experiences, I choose my mediums. I am sure I will add others.

Medallion Statement Necklace by Sag Artist Meg

How does your zodiac sign influence your creativity? Several of my jewelry pieces contain items from my travels. I like that I can share a little bit of my wanderlust through my craft.

What do you like best about your sign and least? We Sags are the explorers, the travelers! We want to know what is out there and have wanderlust! My boyfriend is also a Sag and I just gave him a cruise for his 40th birthday! Obviously, we both can't wait to go! Least? Sag rules the thighs and hips. SIGH. I have large thighs and hips and lower back problems!

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft? There is joy in color and being unique!

If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why? Kumquat. Go on. Say it! Kumquat! It is a fun word to say and an underused fruit. I like to add a little bit to a glaze that I make when cooking chicken.

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why? I also bake and act and I adore candy-making. It is fun to see people's faces light up when they bite into one of my creations and my Divine Peppermint Bark is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. I have been acting since I was fifteen years old, but it is a hard business and I sometimes need to find other creative outlets to keep me going.

What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively? Let anything and everything inspire you! Don't just settle for one medium; explore many and see what tickles your creative funny bone! You may just end up being a Renaissance woman!

Sag Artist, Jeanne Hawkinson

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Jeanne Hawkinson Galvaston, Texas, USA Etsy Shop: Galleon Gal Blog: Galleon Gals

What aspect of creating do you enjoy the most? Witnessing my research materials so I may create. My time is best spent en plein air which means "on location." To create you must have a positive environment, free mind, and dexterity of limbs and hands. I make my living with my talented inherited creations: an artist’s hands. Who has inspired you the most creatively? My mom's quiet ministrations, encouragements, sketching, and oil paint lessons. You know, the mentor as always stands in the Shadows of the Master. What is your preferred medium? My small child’s hands reached for color pencils; I was allowed to work with color pencils on geography maps in grade school. How did you decide what medium to work in? Sag is fueled by nature's astounding beauty, emotion, wind, waves, animal instincts, four elements of earth, and the absolute desire to create artwork to reflect one’s heart's emotional sagas; unending, and unyielding to taunts or torments from aggressive bullies in school and in life.

What do you like best about your sign and least? Best: Creative often earth moving powers and instincts. Least: Sentimental to the point of exhaustion.

Avast Galleon Gal Pirate Pen and Ink Art T-Shirt

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft? My weary eyes yearn to convey the beauty they have been blessed with past, present and future.

If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why? A Tangerine although small is aromatic.

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why? Scratch Board Texture Tactile Sensation Satisfaction.

What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively? Do not be critical and treat yourself with respect. Take joy in your craft.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Rush of ocean tides warm fragrant welcome sea breeze spirit of sailors gusting into the rigging singing sweet chords dream tears - my true inspirations.

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Full Moon Horse of Emotion

Hop on the horse of emotion alongside inspirational American adventurer, philosopher and jeweler, Claudia LaGuardia on her quest for higher learning, Sag-style!

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 27, 2010 4:07 pm PDT

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist, Adventurer ~ Claudia LaGuardia Shop: Crafty Earthling Blog: To Bablyon and Back

Throughout my life I have always been the adventurous type who would go for a walk in the forest by herself or save up every extra penny in college while eating beans and rice for months on end in order to make it to Europe for a month during the summer. People always ask how I had the courage to do these things, and whether or not I'm scared of what might happen on my adventures and I tell them that I'm lucky. The truth is that I work hard for things to work out the way I'd like, and I always have a long list of goals to accomplish on my “list of things to do before I die,” from skydiving to eating chocolate covered grasshoppers at a fancy restaurant. I am always working on achieving something and things usually manifest because of this strong, focused intent.

Right now my boyfriend Gregor and I are hitchhiking across the country. He is the photographer and navigator and I have dubbed myself the jeweler, explorer, and philosopher. We sell our wares on street corners and trail heads in order to continue on this epic journey. Today we are in Cortez, Colorado at a The Spruce Tree Coffeehouse where he is nose deep in a book about Ayurveda and I am finishing up my homework for the two online courses I am taking.

What's Your Name Sailor - hemp necklace

I am a Sagittarius and it is kind of funny how well I fit into that category; always looking for new adventures and hungry for the wisdom contained within the tree of life. I am very open minded and am willing to listen to anyone despite our differences. Although I may not agree with someone's opinions I love learning about why they think the way they do and what life experiences may have led them to those conclusions. I am a student of human thought and behavior and try to look at challenges to my way and view of life as reasons to question my own motives. Recently I was introduced to Dr. David Hawkin's “Map of Consciousness” and as it was explained to me, all of us have the ability to rise past our current state on this map and even achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. We can find where we fall on this map by using a pendulum or simply by asking ourselves how we feel about life most of the time and making an estimate of where we fall on the map. One idea which struck me recently was that although it is great to try to climb as high as we can on the ladder of consciousness through meditation, mindfulness, and movement (eg. Yoga or Tai chi) not only for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of the people who may encounter us, it is also important to notice what triggers us to feel shame, desire, apathy, guilt, fear, anger, grief, pride, and any of the other emotions below the 200 level. All of us experience these feelings at some point or another during our lifetimes and it is important to objectively observe what it is that causes us to feel these emotions in order to ride the horse of emotion instead of getting dragged along the ground as it runs away with us trailing behind.

As a jeweler I find that I like using bright colors and making jewelry out of found or bartered items. Throughout our travels I have bartered jewelry, beads, stones, patches and clothing for pieces to make jewelry with. I am often just given things such as old pieces of jewelry that people no longer want or I find treasures like pieces of jade or rocks with holes made by ocean water while walking down the coast. I love taking old pieces and giving them a new life through my jewelry. For instance, while in Morro Bay I was given a necklace made of pieces of abalone shell. The necklace would have been perfect for a mermaid, but was a bit gaudy for my friend so I took it apart and used some of the shells to make a pair of earrings, incorporating pearls to go with the sea-like feel. Each piece of jewelry has a story behind its creation, from the gold findings I received in trade for a strand of amethyst chips at the “Spirit Garden” in Big Sur to the hematite necklace I was given by a friend in Tempe, Arizona, which was promptly taken apart and reconstructed as a pair of earrings and a choker.

Hitchhiking around the country throughout the past eight months has been an incredible experience that has led me to learn more about myself. I am blessed to be able to have this experience. One of the things I have learned throughout this journey is the power of intent and how important it is to have a positive outlook on life. I really believe that if you are in a positive mood you will attract like-minded people and if you are in a bad mood you will likewise attract people with the same mindset. No one wants to pick up an angry hitchhiker, nor should they, and no hitchhiker wants to be picked up by an angry driver. Another thing that I've learned is the power of a smile. Even if someone doesn't pick you up hitchhiking, a smile can do wonders for their day and make them rethink their judgments or even just infect them with love and cause them to smile at the next person they see, restarting the cycle.

Adventures in Aventurine

As far as jewelry goes I'm going to continue making bright, eccentric pieces along with up-cycled treasures. Yesterday I bought some turquoise beads from a shop in Colorado. It excites me how inexpensive turquoise is here as compared to my home back in Maine where we have more amethyst and quartz. I love finding the local stones in each state and passing along those deals to my customers on the other side of the country. I hope to be able to continue to travel for decades to come and collect small treasures to pass on to others throughout my journeys.

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Get Ready for the Nov. New Moon

8:55 am PST


The moon's astrological sign changes every 2 to 2 1/2 days, as she is the fastest moving of all the planets in the zodiac. Her lunar transits indicate daily and hourly moods, which can change as quickly as the moon's sign. When we attune our activities with the lunar flow, we become a channel for the wisdoms of the natural world. Approach each moon cycle as a journey and a teaching.

The new moon always rises and sets with the sun (the sun and the moon are in conjunction) and it is the very best time to seed new beginnings! So get to it!

If the transiting moon is conjunct (the same sign and degrees), as your natal sun or moon sign, it is a time of strength and authority, and a good time to center and look within your intuitive self more clearly to reconnect with your primary mode of emotionality.

You may want to create a ritual for these times (called returns) when the moon is in the same sign as your sun, moon , and other personal planets. This can give you the opportunity to ground yourself and attune to these energies.


Mutable Fire Sign - "I seek"

Keywords: fiery, independent, free, expressive, extroverted, leap of faith, Artemis, playful, restless.

This is a good time for exploring, reading philosophy, teaching, promotional activities, watching the stars, dancing, movement, sports, travel, metaphysics, study, and freedom from responsibility.

All artwork copyright 2008 by Kathy V. Crabbe

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Heidi:
"A true Sagittarius, I am a vagabond at heart. When I am creating, I have no less than 3 projects on the table, all being worked on at the same time.
Suffice to say that my craft area is unsafe for human occupation, and only I know where things are. I live simply, and dream simply as well. I do
not hope to "make it big", but instead to "make it matter". I don't need for my name to be known, but I do hope that my work will make a difference
in the life of someone. I donate a portion of proceeds to the Strive For Life Foundation to support the homeless Roma (gypsy) children of Romania."

Check out Heidi's art dolls here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalmisfit/
and here: http://digitalmisfit.etsy.com

If you are interested in booking a New Moon Soul reading with me you can do so here.