Psychic Gifts - An Email Chat!

FBW: I've had all of my reading in person, so how do you do it over the internet and, although there is no guarantee on your accuracy, do you have any idea how accurate you generally are? Oh, and one other thing, my dearest friend is a psychic and a witch (priestess), and she won't give me readings any more, but her spirit guide came to her when she was just two years old and some of the others I know have experienced some form of ability since they were children. How long have you had the gift or used it professionally?

My response (via email): I used to do in-person readings, but actually prefer to do distance readings because then there are no distractions - energy is what I read and that has no time/space restrictions - it is limitless, as are our souls, so reading via distance is not an issue.
In regards to accuracy, I believe that in my ancestor readings I have about 75% accuracy, but in my other readings I don't really like to use that word, although some of my clients do and I have been called 'scarily accurate' many times! The best thing for you to do is read some of my past samples of readings, to see if my style of reading suits you.

I would like to think that my readings shed some light, insight & healing guidance into my client's lives, to help them align with their own healing and intuitive powers. I have always been guided by my dreams and intuition and they haven't steered me wrong yet! In regards to helping others in this way, it wasn't until I reached forty (about three years ago) that I really started reaching out and helping others as a psychic-medium. Previously I had helped others using the tool of astrology which I had studied for many years. My bio delves a little deeper into this.

I appreciate your questions, they are good ones!

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