New Moon in Aquarius: Ballsy and Honest as All Get Out

Breaking it down, tearing it apart, changing's what I do's in my astrological chart (Uranus/Pluto conjunct my Sun) and I am an amazing artist, or I could be if I gave up everything else. (Can you tell I've been reading The Big Dip by Seth Godin?)

"Am I trying to be everything to everyone?" I ask myself... 'cause I'm adopted I really need you to like me? Or buy from me? Or let me help you?

I feel as though my website and my blog and this museletter are just me going through the motions. When I face what's happening in my adopted country, the United States I feel like I need to do something; something radical, brave, smart and honest.

And that something is make art every day; healing art, spiritual art, fun art, art that can make us laugh and cry and question everything.

Can art change your life?
Can art make you laugh?

Art seems like such a small word considering what it can do.

If I could dedicate my life to one thing; I'd choose art.

No choice.

So, this I must do.
And to do this
I must give up all else.

Art Indeed!

Space Twins gouache sketch (from my daily painting series) involving twins who are exiled to another planet and spied upon by the Earth Colony they left behind for entertainment and to ascertain the livability of said planet. They are befriended by a so-called mythical wolf-beaver from their childhood fairytales who helps them escape to Lemuria (now existing in another dimension) after the wolf-beaver discovers the truth.

p.s. After writing this post and receiving so many orders for soul readings I've finally, finally come to the realization thatmy art and my readings are ONE. They are both intuitive, creative, spiritual endeavours so there is no need to compartmentalize them into different categories as I was doing previously and even in my article above. Yahoo! 

My Story (the enchanted version)

Dancing girl elf watercolor by Kathy Crabbe My Story by Kathy Crabbe

I'm adopted so my origins were a mystery but I didn't ever wonder where I was from, I knew!  In University I had posters of Scotland and France on my walls and later I found out my ancestors did come from there.

I am surrounded by red heads. My best friends, Jen and Tangerine (Jennifer), my husband Mark, and later I found my birth mom and brother Mark were also red heads

The whole story of how I met my husband was a knowing that also deeply involved my birth family whom I didn't know at the time. How I found and happily reunited with my birth family involved another knowing and serendipitous 'coincidence'.

Perhaps because I had no past growing up I had to learn to trust my instincts to guide me into the future and they have yet to steer me wrong.

I live an enchanted life! Oh yes, and my other best friend is an elf. Truth.

Someone once told me, "You'll never make a living from the moons and stars", and it made me cry, but it also made me stronger. "Yes I will. Yes I am. You, dear sir, are wrong."

Cat painting on wood by Kathy Crabbe

As my mentor and teacher Francesca De Grandis says 'I am your lucky charm' and I feel the same - I am your lucky charm.

The forests, oaks, lakes, rivers and ocean call to me and I am blessed to play and dance among them with the spirits of the land and water.

Our pets still carry this wild-ness in their veins and I cherish them too.

My work is an enchanted knowing-ness and expression of the wild, untamed dance that is our spirit, divine and free. Please join me in celebration.

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What is Your Gift?

Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”.Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”. 

This blog post has been a long time in coming folks, so thank you for caring. There have been many tears,  many goodbyes and much love and prayers shared with family and friends in the last two months, but as Denis says, "life goes on" and so it does, and so too does this blog.

I said goodbye to my birth mother Sally (I'm adopted) and to my Grandad (her father) over the last couple of months and I also spoke at my Grandad's Celebration of Life.

But, my news is, that my newest project is to be dedicated to Sally. It is both new and old; a project near and dear to my heart since it's infancy in 2000. As you may have guessed from the artwork above, my newest project involves the 'lefties' as they are affectionately known, or more formally as the Creative Soul Cards.

These cards meant a whole lot to Sally and me and to Sal's New Moon group of best friends. One Christmas I presented Sal with a New Moon Kit based upon my New Moon Class and we meditated, pulled cards and shared intentions at the New Moon during that visit. Afterwards Sal started her own New Moon Circle with several good female friends. The 'lefty' cards were a big part of this.

At Sal's Memorial I met up with these friends and we cried and talked a lot about Sally. Her friends told me how much this spiritual group meant to Sal during her last months and how much the Creative Soul Cards touched all their hearts and encouraged them to write and share their hopes, dreams and intentions with each other every month.

So, I'd like to dedicate these Creative Soul Cards to you, dear mum and I will continue to teach this class and share these cards with others just as you shared yourself with us by showing us what love is and how to be in love. That was your gift and this is my gift to you.

So, stay tuned folks, I'm working on getting this Creative Soul Deck published along with a guidebook. It will probably accompany my class which I currently teach online but would like to teach in person next.

P.S. The Creative Soul Card pictured above, "Ande was ready for any adventure" was one of the last cards I pulled for Sally and so it was fitting that Ande turned up today for my first "Lefty" post. And, just like Ande, Sal was ready for any adventure and I trust she's on her next big adventure right now.

Sal and Denis Manitoba Rapids, OntarioSally & Denis

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

Painting Persephone

Why Persephone? Why now?

47 years ago I was adopted. When I was 27 I finally met my birth mother who I am now very close to. In the past year she has been fighting pancreatic cancer and so I feel a deep desire to dive deeply into the well with her by exploring the longest running mother/daughter myth there is; the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone.

Sally, Kathy & friend - Solstice CelebrationSally, Me & Carol ~ Solstice Celebration

I'm interested in the pre-patriarchal version of the myth; the one where Persephone (the daughter) willingly ventures into the Underworld to help lost souls cross over to the Other Side. Her mother (Demeter) agrees to this, but in mourning Persephone, she turns summer into winter and the land becomes barren until Persephone returns in the Spring.

The myth re-enacts the cycle of birth/death/rebirth on a yearly basis; this is a natural part of life, but not one that our society accepts or understands in a conscious way. We are afraid of death and dying and what happens next. I do know that our souls do not die. Part of my work as a Creative Soul Guide is to venture into the Other World; the world below and to communicate with the Ancestors. To me, this is one of the most amazing and wondrous discoveries that I have every made.

I had taken a break from mediumship for a few years, but when my birth mom's battle heated up this past year I felt a strong pull to connect again with the departed; partly to reassure myself that yes, our souls do live on, and because I wanted to offer this service and this reassurance to others who are searching for contact from the beyond. I started re-connecting with my own ancestors each morning during meditation where they lovingly surround me. I have always known that we do not die; it's nothing provable or scientific, just a deep feeling of knowing-ness that is hard to explain.

So, when I ventured back into painting my large 4 x 4 foot acrylics on canvas, I knew things had to change, because I had changed. Persephone had entered my life and I was consciously channeling her every morning in conjunction with pulling a Rune. I started the painting in my usual abstract manner, but I had to stop; I was un-satisfied with the process and so I called upon Persephone for help.

It was time to paint in a way I'd never painted before...not from my own ego-self, but allowing Persephone to channel through me. At each step along the way I would stop, hold the Rune and consult with Her; not forcing things, but allowing Her guidance to come through and help me envision what I must do next.

Here are my notes from that session:

algiz - protection Persephone Rune Readings by Kathy CrabbeTo begin I pulled a Rune and called upon Persephone for help. I was told to envision myself in a cave painting on the walls. What would I paint? I would paint, not to serve myself, but Her and so I listened.

Then I painted white gesso over top of what I'd painted earlier, so that only a faint outline remained of a face and two circles.

Then, while holding the Rune I was guided to draw on the canvas with a big, thick piece of lead pencil WITHOUT LOOKING. When I opened my eyes I felt like filling in this shape with light ultramarine blue, but I didn't have enough so I painted it turquoise pearl instead.

And then Her face appeared and She was blood-red.

Next came the black, jagged tears, like wisps of dark ghosts underground (or spears).

Painting Persephone by Kathy Crabbe

This painting is for all the girls and women who are victims of sexual assault, just as Persephone was in the patriarchal version of Her myth. Victims such as 17 year old Rehtaeh Parsons who recently killed herself after being raped and videotaped by 4 young men in Nova Scotia and the 70 victims of sexual assault stemming from a phone prankster who pretended to be a police officer as depicted in the dark and disturbing 2012 movie, Compliance.

And I ask myself, "What can I do? What can we do, as a culture"?

It's time to be truthful. It's time to face Hard Truths about how the denigration of women and the Goddess directly relates to the rape and destruction of this planet. We need to ask ourselves, "How do I contribute to this madness and how can We stop it and stand up for Our Truth as women and Goddess?"

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

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