Find Inner Solace: Aquarius New Moon Intentions

It's a time for new beginnings as we center, focus and go within for this New Moon in Aquarius (Feb. 18 at 3:47 pm PST). With Goddess Nut and my mentor, Francesca De Grandis by my side I channel this New Moon Reading for you. As the stars shine bright, I can feel that my heart is heavy and in need of healing and tears so I call again upon God/dess to aid me; to allow me to go deeper within and to discover why. I also 'work' with an obsidian sphere (aurora borealis) to help with this; an excellent stone for just this purpose. I won't go into my discussion with my guides and gods other than to say; it helped and I recommend it to all of you who are struggling, sad and feeling weighted down. Create a circle to call upon this New Moon or find a Circle. I offer New Moon Circles all over. Then create ritual to call upon the Moon, your gods and the Divine and go within to commune with your own heart, soul and cells to find inner solace, answers or perhaps just more questions.

Obsidian Sheen SphereObsidian's Song

Blessed Be this starry nite with eyes bright. I breathe into the Earth and into the stars and into the God/dess within. I release my breath into a song one note long Three times feeling the release and the Earth beneath my feet. I AM a light in the night

I AM blessed I AM guided I AM god/dess.

I Call wrinkles god-points by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Series)

Now you are ready to set your intentions for the month ahead. As you do this be still again and connect with your heart's goals, tempered with your own innate wisdom and lit by the stars. Be not afraid to stretch, stretch, stretch into realms un-reachable. Aquarius energy encourages this so use it to be radical, far out, yet still connected to the collective unconscious because Aquarius understands how. Trust that. GO!

Creative Soul 'lefty' Card for the New Moon: I call wrinkles god-points and so far I'm winning (see image to the left)

Aquarius Altar Suggestions from my Zodiac Goddess Playbook

Aquarius – The Water Bearer

  • Time of Year – Winter, Imbolc,
  • January 20 – February 18
  • Quality – Fixed
  • Element – Air
  • Ruler – Uranus
  • Anatomy – Ankles, bloodstream, circulation, shins,
  • Natural sign of – 11th house
  • Opposite sign – Leo
  • Color – Electric blue, turquoise, silver
  • Gemstone – Obsidian, opal, sapphire
  • Tarot card – The Star
  • Goddesses – Feng P’O P’O, Freya, Ix Chel, Nut, Tien-Mu

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Because my mermaid paintings and prints are sooo poplular I've decided to group them into sections to make it easier for you. If you don't see anything that meets your needs I have TONS more mermaid paintings that I'm not showing; just ask!

Mermaids Angel by Kathy Crabbe

I painted silk mermaid prints & cards during my 7 years in Laguna Beach, California where my best friend was a mermaid. (see above)

Song of the Sea Elf by Kathy Crabbe

I painted these whimsical 'lefty' mermaids with gouache and watercolor using my intuitive, non dominant left hand.

Moon Goddesses!

Sweat Dreams by Kathy Crabbe

I'm adding new Moon Goddess folk art paintings almost every week so please stop on by my Etsy Shop and check them out!

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Kathy CrabbeABOUT KATHY Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at

What is Your Gift?

Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”.Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”. 

This blog post has been a long time in coming folks, so thank you for caring. There have been many tears,  many goodbyes and much love and prayers shared with family and friends in the last two months, but as Denis says, "life goes on" and so it does, and so too does this blog.

I said goodbye to my birth mother Sally (I'm adopted) and to my Grandad (her father) over the last couple of months and I also spoke at my Grandad's Celebration of Life.

But, my news is, that my newest project is to be dedicated to Sally. It is both new and old; a project near and dear to my heart since it's infancy in 2000. As you may have guessed from the artwork above, my newest project involves the 'lefties' as they are affectionately known, or more formally as the Creative Soul Cards.

These cards meant a whole lot to Sally and me and to Sal's New Moon group of best friends. One Christmas I presented Sal with a New Moon Kit based upon my New Moon Class and we meditated, pulled cards and shared intentions at the New Moon during that visit. Afterwards Sal started her own New Moon Circle with several good female friends. The 'lefty' cards were a big part of this.

At Sal's Memorial I met up with these friends and we cried and talked a lot about Sally. Her friends told me how much this spiritual group meant to Sal during her last months and how much the Creative Soul Cards touched all their hearts and encouraged them to write and share their hopes, dreams and intentions with each other every month.

So, I'd like to dedicate these Creative Soul Cards to you, dear mum and I will continue to teach this class and share these cards with others just as you shared yourself with us by showing us what love is and how to be in love. That was your gift and this is my gift to you.

So, stay tuned folks, I'm working on getting this Creative Soul Deck published along with a guidebook. It will probably accompany my class which I currently teach online but would like to teach in person next.

P.S. The Creative Soul Card pictured above, "Ande was ready for any adventure" was one of the last cards I pulled for Sally and so it was fitting that Ande turned up today for my first "Lefty" post. And, just like Ande, Sal was ready for any adventure and I trust she's on her next big adventure right now.

Sal and Denis Manitoba Rapids, OntarioSally & Denis

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

Channeling Persephone: Spring's Rebirth

Kathy Crabbe, Spring, 2002, acrylic on wood, 6 x 8".Kathy Crabbe, Spring, 2002, acrylic on wood, 6 x 8".

It's the New Moon in Aries and it's a powerhouse Moon with six planets in Aries; firepower indeed to kick off the Spring Equinox; so, set your intentions, bless them, then let them go.

Lately, a good friend (an astrologer) and I have been working with the Persephone archetype in various ways, but it wasn't until the other day, after setting up my Persephone altar that I was able to connect with Persephone deeply through channeling. Just in time for the first New Moon of Spring, but first I'd like to share with you the Persephone Myth and NOT the well known patriarchal version which you probably already know.

I do not like or resonate with the standard version of the Persephone myth; it's complicated, negative and depressing. I do resonate with the pre-patriarchal version of Her myth and would like to share it with you. This version was written by ecofeminist philosopher Charlene Spretnak and is based upon the classical scholarship of Jane Ellen Harrison, Louis Farnell, Sir Arthur Evans, and others.

The Myth of Persephone

Demeter and Persephone share the bountiful fields, enjoying the beautiful earth, and watching over the crops together. One day, Persephone asks her mother about the restless spirits of the dead she has seen hovering about their earthly homes. "Is there no one in the underworld to receive the newly dead?" she asks. Demeter explains that she rules over the underworld as well as the upper world, but her more important work is above ground, feeding the living.

Reflecting on the bewilderment and pain she has seen in the ghostly spirits, Persephone replies, "The dead need us, Mother. I will go to them." After trying to persuade Persephone to stay with her, Demeter relents: "Very well...We cannot give only to ourselves. I understand why you must go. Still, you are my daughter, and for every day you remain in the underworld, I will mourn your absence."

Persephone gathers three sheaves of wheat and three poppies, favorite flowers of Demeter, takes the torch that Demeter has prepared for her, and begins her descent down into a deep chasm into the underworld. After a long journey, she comes to a place where many spirits are milling about, moaning. She moves among them, and after preparing an altar, she beckons them to her, saying, "If you come to me, I will initiate you into your new world. You have waxed into the fullness of life, and waned into darkness; may you be renewed in peace and wisdom."

Meanwhile, Demeter has grown sorrowful, her bountiful energies draining from the earth, leaving it barren, with no crops growing to feed the humans. After some months, Persephone decides she will return to the upper world. As she approaches her mother, the flowers of the earth rise up in joyful song, and as Demeter and Persephone run to embrace each other, the birds and animals begin to sing, "Persephone returns, Persephone returns." And as the mother and daughter dance and dance, new growth springs up in the fields, and the humans join in the rejoicing.

Each time Persephone goes back down into the underworld, the mortals share with Demeter the bleak season of her daughter's absence; and as she rejoins her mother in the spring, they are renewed by the signs of Persephone's return.

~ from Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism, edited and with essays by Irene Diamond and Gloria Feman Orenstein.

Channeling Persephone ~ Rebirth

Today, in honour of the New Moon in Aries I created my usual New Moon Circle, and was surprised to find myself a wee bit down (considering all that Aries Firepower in the air), so I called upon Persephone in conjunction with the pulling of a Rune and asked for her help.

Kathy Crabbe, Peace Within Peace Without, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 7”.

Kathy Crabbe, Peace Within Peace Without, 2013, mixed media on paper, 5 x 7”. 

As Persephone and I fly above the earth, she says to me, "See, down there, there are scores of people  dying as they live, but we can't help them because  they are choosing life in death. And you, are you dying?"

Me: No, I'm not, I want to help!

Persephone: Then let's go on. "Print this, and you die," she says with a smile. "You see, dying isn't anything to fear; let it go...let it all go."

Me: But losing someone is.

Persephone: Come, let's continue. What do you see?

Me: I see people living, loving, planting, and dying, really dying.

Persephone: And yes, no cliches from me...I'll keep my mouth zipped. Let's fly on.

We stop and rest.

Persephone: What do you see when you see me?

Me: I see a woman, a goddess, of many-changing hues.

Persephone: Look again, what do you see?

Me: I see Me.

Then, all of a sudden I am She and so completely filled with bliss that my eyes fill up with tears.

Me: "How can I serve?" And I answer my own question: I can paint, with joy and abandon and love and passion and anger and rage and fury; the world. I can share my words and visions, and heal and commiserate and burn with Divine Bliss;

The fire, the water, the air, the earth,

And bless all (that is and is not) for I am reborn.

perthro - rune of Initiation

Blessed Be, and thank you, Per seph onee.


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Persephone Rune Reading by Kathy CrabbeKathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul