Blessed Mama Earth Balls ~ Happy Full Moon in Taurus

Dear Creative Soul, It's the Full Moon in Taurus; an earthy, lusty, fixed sign that just loves life's luxuries.  This Full Moon I am feeling guided to share something personal since Taurus does so love to get down and dirty; hands in the muck so to speak, and I do hope you join me!

To start things off I pull a card from my Creative Soul Deck (aka my 'lefty' deck) for guidance.

Ali by Kathy Crabbe (Creative Soul Card)Creative Soul Guidance: Ali

Affirmation: I believe in me

Ali, with the world on her head is a seeker and a finder of ways to help and serve human-kind; a heavy weight indeed, but loaded with joy and blessings as well.

Where are you guided to serve? And do you serve already, or if not do you have any wishes and dreams for serving/helping others?

As for me I've been a spiritual and intuitive artist for many years and I just love to share that with others through my writing, my art, my blog, my creative soul readings, my classes etc.

Creative Soul Challenge

In what ways could you better serve others and yourself in the process? How will you begin to serve or continue with what you're already doing?

I do pretty well in this regard, but I am also interested in public art projects which beautify sad and neglected places and help heal broken hearts and souls in the process. I am looking into a public art commission in Riverside County as well as reading an inspirational book by Lily Yeh called "Awakening Creativity: Dandelion School Blossoms".

emeraldEmerald's Healing Song

O Brave Soul you have traveled far to the Moon, to La Lune, to the Moon Oh Brave Soul who has known pain sadness and gloom Lift up your arms and shout, "I am here and I rise and I fall with Your tides and I am beautiful as are You." Blessed be.

Taurus Full Moon Circle Suggestions from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook

  • Gemstones: emerald, chrysocolla, moss agate
  • Plant/Tree: apple, daisy, poppy, rose
  • Herb/Spice: clove, sage, spearmint
  • Food: apple, bean, cereal, pear
  • Animal Spirit: beaver, cattle
  • Tarot Card: hierophant
  • Goddess: Demeter, Flora, Gaia, Hathor, Hera, Nokomis, Olwen, Rhea


Art Opening: Inspire San Diego's Studio, Saturday, Nov. 8, 6-9 pm ~ 7332 University Ave., La Mesa, CA ***Some of my lefty art along with my original mermaid silk painting titled The Chase will be for sale.

Creative Soul Readings are back! After taking a short break from giving intuitive readings I am now back and offering my readings online as well as astrology reports.

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Where's the Moon? Full Moon in Taurus: Nov. 6 at 2:23 pm PST

Creative Soul Circle This is a public group on Facebook for creative souls seeking a spiritual and intuitive community of like-minds. Click here to join and yes, it's free of charge. Btw, if you like the title of this blog post it comes from the Creative Soul Expressive Body Movement Challenge I channeled for this Full Moon and which I will be sharing in the Circle.

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Kathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide, artist, author and educator. Originally from Canada, Kathy currently lives and works in the wine country of Temecula. Kathy created the Awaken Your Creative Soul class after spending 7 years drawing a Creative Soul Deck using her non dominant left hand. This awakened Kathy’s intuitive, creative soul in new ways and inspired her to help others follow their dreams. Since then Kathy has given over 1000 intuitive readings using her Creative Soul ‘lefty’ deck as well as teaching at the Wise Woman University. Her art has appeared in galleries, museums, magazines and on HGTV. Kathy formed a writer’s group in Temecula to share her ‘lefty’ art and poetry which she also published in a zine featuring local writers.  Kathy and a life sized Lefty were invited to speak at an International Women’s Day event in Los Angeles that the LA Times dubbed “self esteem boosting” which was almost as dreamy as hearing her favorite song performed by Michelle Shocked in the background as she spoke.



Prosperity in Bloom because you're worth it!

I took this photo of a lone artichoke planted in front of my house early this morning. It doesn't especially like hot, dry weather and so I won't have a chance to eat it, but instead will enjoy it's beautiful purple bloom which ties in neatly with my good friend Chad Woodward's article about yesterday's Sagittarius full moon. He poses the questions: "What is blossoming for you now? What great, gestating truth emerges into the light for you to embrace?" For myself, I had an incredible marketing session with Marisa of Creative Thursday yesterday and feel invigorated, re-charged and ready to  initiate a new project and make some big changes creatively and soulfully. What I'm learning is important for all of us, but especially for artists and women.  We need to learn how to value ourselves and our work cause if we don't, no one else will.  To supplement this work I'm also doing a 40 day Prosperity Program; a meditation that I've shared with my Creative Soul Circle, so if you're a Museletter subscriber you are more than welcome to join us and try it out for yourself.

artichoke in bloom

What is Your Gift?

Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”.Kathy Crabbe, Ande was ready for any adventure, 2003, mixed media on paper, 8x10”. 

This blog post has been a long time in coming folks, so thank you for caring. There have been many tears,  many goodbyes and much love and prayers shared with family and friends in the last two months, but as Denis says, "life goes on" and so it does, and so too does this blog.

I said goodbye to my birth mother Sally (I'm adopted) and to my Grandad (her father) over the last couple of months and I also spoke at my Grandad's Celebration of Life.

But, my news is, that my newest project is to be dedicated to Sally. It is both new and old; a project near and dear to my heart since it's infancy in 2000. As you may have guessed from the artwork above, my newest project involves the 'lefties' as they are affectionately known, or more formally as the Creative Soul Cards.

These cards meant a whole lot to Sally and me and to Sal's New Moon group of best friends. One Christmas I presented Sal with a New Moon Kit based upon my New Moon Class and we meditated, pulled cards and shared intentions at the New Moon during that visit. Afterwards Sal started her own New Moon Circle with several good female friends. The 'lefty' cards were a big part of this.

At Sal's Memorial I met up with these friends and we cried and talked a lot about Sally. Her friends told me how much this spiritual group meant to Sal during her last months and how much the Creative Soul Cards touched all their hearts and encouraged them to write and share their hopes, dreams and intentions with each other every month.

So, I'd like to dedicate these Creative Soul Cards to you, dear mum and I will continue to teach this class and share these cards with others just as you shared yourself with us by showing us what love is and how to be in love. That was your gift and this is my gift to you.

So, stay tuned folks, I'm working on getting this Creative Soul Deck published along with a guidebook. It will probably accompany my class which I currently teach online but would like to teach in person next.

P.S. The Creative Soul Card pictured above, "Ande was ready for any adventure" was one of the last cards I pulled for Sally and so it was fitting that Ande turned up today for my first "Lefty" post. And, just like Ande, Sal was ready for any adventure and I trust she's on her next big adventure right now.

Sal and Denis Manitoba Rapids, OntarioSally & Denis

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

“Remembering” The Sacred Art of Nourishing

This month's special guest in the Creative Soul Circle (my online social site and support group for women-only) is Mary Lane, chef, wildcrafter and author of Divine Nourishment: A Woman's Sacred Journey with Food. To chat with Mary in a special November thread held in the Circle please sign up here - it's free to join!

“Remembering” The Sacred Art of Nourishing by Mary Lane

Mary Lane

The sacred art of nourishing was practiced in ancient goddess traditions in many forms. It was a way of honoring the sensual pleasures and blessings that came with our physical existence. Nourishing one’s self through food, beauty, touch, sex, music, art and nature is an act of receiving Divine love. The destruction of the goddess cultures has resulted in disconnecting from this sacred art and the belief by many that they are unworthy of this nourishment. 

I have met and worked with many women over the years and it has become glaringly apparent to me that just about every woman I’ve known is comfortable with offering nourishment to others. Receiving it is another matter.

I lived in a rather funky little jungle house built into the side of a ridge in the rainforest on Maui. It was an indoor, outdoor lifestyle. The house was all glass on one side overlooking the jungle, with the ocean a short walk away.

I decided to create a day of nourishment for five of my women friends and called it Pele’s Parlor. They gathered one morning at my jungle home for tea from local herbs I had gathered and dried.

We walked down a rutted, dirt road that ended on the cliff of the north shore overlooking the ocean and a special bay. It was whale season so we hung out on the cliff awhile, watching the whales breaching and swimming past. The view was breathtaking. The bay was lined with lava rock that had been ground smooth from the ocean’s constant ebb and flow. I could lie in my bed at home and listen to her roll the rocks back and forth in the stillness of the night. It was her song for the whole neighborhood.

"Trees" from Mary's blog

The five of us built a small fire in the shade under a large false almond tree. Then we stripped off our clothes, dove into the ocean waves, and lounged on the warm boulders with the surf crashing around us. I ceremoniously brought out the sacred red dirt harvested from a vein that ran through the cliff, put it in my coconut bowl and added a little ocean water, mixing it into a fine slip. We gathered around and smeared this iron-rich mud all over our bodies. The only thing showing that was not bright red were the rings around our eyes. We basked on the boulders in the sun as the sacred mud drew out toxins and filled us with blood-nourishing iron.

Some women could not help but release their primordial screams as they danced on the rocks, covered in mud with the waves crashing around them. We dove into the ocean and scrubbed off the mud with seaweed, then returned to the fire for a snack in the shade. Each of us ran our fingers over our silky skin—oohing, aahing and feeling primal.

We walked back to the lanai of my jungle house where I had set up a table filled with bowls of avocado, yogurt, papaya, oatmeal and yogurt, breast massage creams, foot massage oils, moisturizers, washcloths and towels.  We gave ourselves facials with the various ingredients and ate the wonderful fruits that grew wild in the jungle, We had bananas, mango, guava, pineapple and coconut.

After awhile, with faces smeared with food, we all went into the kitchen and prepared a meal together giggling, talking story and drinking my wild-crafted tea. We convened back to the lanai and sat around a beautifully-set table with flowers that grew abundantly around the house.

Mary Lane Food Blog ImageAnother woman friend who specializes in the ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage set up a massage table and altar in the downstairs, outdoor room. Each woman took her turn receiving a massage. Another woman brought her Tarot cards and gave each of us a short reading. We continued to drop deeper into self-nourishment while being filled by our friendship. The image of one of the women sitting on my lanai eating wild guava, tear-streaked face smeared with avocado while she massaged her breasts with oil, will forever be etched in my memory. Her tears flowed with the merged feelings of gratitude for this experience and the deep grief of not feeling worthy of such frivolity.

As the day unfolded every woman had a moment of deep grief woven with joy and ecstasy.  At some point throughout the day, each of us fell into our moment of recognition of the absence of this in our lives. Unanimously the feeling of not deserving nourishment in the form of pure pleasure was expressed by the women as if it came from the same underground pool.

Soon it was dusk. With the candles lit, the Hawaiian music playing, another snack, we all melted into a moment of deep nourishment and self-love. We were full.

The next morning I received a call from the one of the husbands. “I don’t know what you women did yesterday, but a monster left in the morning and a goddess returned.”

Mary LaneAbout Mary

Mary Lane is the author of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. Through her 30 year career as a professional chef she deepened her understanding of the connection between food and nourishment, the wisdom of nature, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine. She is dedicated to supporting women to transform self rejection to self care, honor and love.

Cancer New Moon Musings

Gabriel. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches © 2011 by Kathy Crabbe.

Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011 1:54 am pdt

The Well is empty so what do I do, I grab a 'lefty' aka Creative Soul Card (see below) and a moonstone and I dream.

I float without words, formlessly without intention, action or purpose; i don't need them, i am guided. My life is full (i have several who will miss me when i'm gone). i have nothing to give you, just my heart which you may carve up as you wish.

When words go, poetry appears; a language for the birds (no twitter jokes, please). I do have ONE wish though, that you are open to change, seek knowledge, get off your damn cell phones and worship Nature as your Mother. That's all I have to say (for now).