Prosperity in Bloom because you're worth it!

I took this photo of a lone artichoke planted in front of my house early this morning. It doesn't especially like hot, dry weather and so I won't have a chance to eat it, but instead will enjoy it's beautiful purple bloom which ties in neatly with my good friend Chad Woodward's article about yesterday's Sagittarius full moon. He poses the questions: "What is blossoming for you now? What great, gestating truth emerges into the light for you to embrace?" For myself, I had an incredible marketing session with Marisa of Creative Thursday yesterday and feel invigorated, re-charged and ready to  initiate a new project and make some big changes creatively and soulfully. What I'm learning is important for all of us, but especially for artists and women.  We need to learn how to value ourselves and our work cause if we don't, no one else will.  To supplement this work I'm also doing a 40 day Prosperity Program; a meditation that I've shared with my Creative Soul Circle, so if you're a Museletter subscriber you are more than welcome to join us and try it out for yourself.

artichoke in bloom