My Story (the enchanted version)

Dancing girl elf watercolor by Kathy Crabbe My Story by Kathy Crabbe

I'm adopted so my origins were a mystery but I didn't ever wonder where I was from, I knew!  In University I had posters of Scotland and France on my walls and later I found out my ancestors did come from there.

I am surrounded by red heads. My best friends, Jen and Tangerine (Jennifer), my husband Mark, and later I found my birth mom and brother Mark were also red heads

The whole story of how I met my husband was a knowing that also deeply involved my birth family whom I didn't know at the time. How I found and happily reunited with my birth family involved another knowing and serendipitous 'coincidence'.

Perhaps because I had no past growing up I had to learn to trust my instincts to guide me into the future and they have yet to steer me wrong.

I live an enchanted life! Oh yes, and my other best friend is an elf. Truth.

Someone once told me, "You'll never make a living from the moons and stars", and it made me cry, but it also made me stronger. "Yes I will. Yes I am. You, dear sir, are wrong."

Cat painting on wood by Kathy Crabbe

As my mentor and teacher Francesca De Grandis says 'I am your lucky charm' and I feel the same - I am your lucky charm.

The forests, oaks, lakes, rivers and ocean call to me and I am blessed to play and dance among them with the spirits of the land and water.

Our pets still carry this wild-ness in their veins and I cherish them too.

My work is an enchanted knowing-ness and expression of the wild, untamed dance that is our spirit, divine and free. Please join me in celebration.

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