My Story (the enchanted version)

Dancing girl elf watercolor by Kathy Crabbe My Story by Kathy Crabbe

I'm adopted so my origins were a mystery but I didn't ever wonder where I was from, I knew!  In University I had posters of Scotland and France on my walls and later I found out my ancestors did come from there.

I am surrounded by red heads. My best friends, Jen and Tangerine (Jennifer), my husband Mark, and later I found my birth mom and brother Mark were also red heads

The whole story of how I met my husband was a knowing that also deeply involved my birth family whom I didn't know at the time. How I found and happily reunited with my birth family involved another knowing and serendipitous 'coincidence'.

Perhaps because I had no past growing up I had to learn to trust my instincts to guide me into the future and they have yet to steer me wrong.

I live an enchanted life! Oh yes, and my other best friend is an elf. Truth.

Someone once told me, "You'll never make a living from the moons and stars", and it made me cry, but it also made me stronger. "Yes I will. Yes I am. You, dear sir, are wrong."

Cat painting on wood by Kathy Crabbe

As my mentor and teacher Francesca De Grandis says 'I am your lucky charm' and I feel the same - I am your lucky charm.

The forests, oaks, lakes, rivers and ocean call to me and I am blessed to play and dance among them with the spirits of the land and water.

Our pets still carry this wild-ness in their veins and I cherish them too.

My work is an enchanted knowing-ness and expression of the wild, untamed dance that is our spirit, divine and free. Please join me in celebration.

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David Hockney: A Rake's Progress

David Hockney: The Biography, 1937-1975 by Christopher Simon SykesI've been reading a lot lately especially artist biographies and I like to pick out my favorite bits esp. those spoken by the artist her/himself. In this case it's David Hockney. Enjoy! My Favorite Bits from David Hockney: The Biography, 1937-1975 by Christopher Simon Sykes

Hockney confessed that he was so frustrated by what he was doing that it sometimes seemed pointless to go on. "He (Ron Kitaj) told me," Hockney remembers, "that I should look upon painting as a means of exploring all the things that most interested me, and that I should paint pictures that reflected this. This was the best advice he ever gave me." Kitaj probed his interests, discovering them to be poltics, literature, relationships, vegetarianism, and encouraged him to consider using these as subject matter for paintings. "I thought it's quite right; that's what I'm complaining about, I'm not doing anything that's from me. So that was the way I broke it. I began to paint those subjects." (p. 69)


Lawn Sprinkler, 1966 colored crayon on paper, 14 x 17 in. © David Hockney

What distinguished this particular show (in 1961) was that Grabowski invited each of the participants to write a personal statement for the catalogue on the theme of "the strange possibilities of inspiration." Hockney wrote: "I paint what I like when I like, and where I like, with occasional nostalgic journeys. When asked to write on 'the strange possibilities of inspiration' it did occur to me that my own sources of inspiration were wide -- but acceptable. In fact, I am sure my own sources are classic, or even epic themes. Landscapes of foreign lands, beautiful people, love, propaganda, and major incidents (of my own life). These seem to me to be reasonably traditional." It was a philosophy he has adhered to all his working life. (p. 116)

"Los Angeles is the only place in the world," he says, "where the buildings actually make you smile when you drive around."...So, rather than his own ideas or things he'd seen in a book, Hockney began to paint the things he saw around him....Other characteristics of acrylic, such as its regular consistency, allowing it to be applied thinly while retaining its full brilliance of colour, go a long way to explaining the changes in Hockney's painting style during this period. His paintings became flatter and much more about image and colour than about texture. "When you use simple and bold colours," he later wrote, "acrylic is a fine medium; the colours are very intense and they stay intense..." (p. 145)

A Bigger Splash, 1967, acrylic on canvas, 96x96 in. © David Hockney

A Bigger Splash, 1967, acrylic on canvas, 96x96 in. © David Hockney

As for the Japanese boys (in Kyoto) "they are as exquisite as the Zen gardens. I have done a few drawings and taken eight hundred photographs...and really have been turned on so much that if I never left Powis Terrace for five years I've enough in my head to keep me going." (p. 264)Though money took away the stress of having to churn out work in order to survive, it had never been that important to him, other than as a means of paying for materials, giving him freedom to travel anywhere and allowing him to go to a restaurant without worrying about how he was going to pay the bill. He called himself "restaurant rich." "if you're an artist," he wrote, "the one thing you can do when you get money is use it to do what you want in art. That's the only good thing you can ever do for yourself. As an artist, what do you need to live on? As long as you've got a studio and a place to work in, all you're going to do is paint pictures all day long." (p. 273)

(Stephen) Spender compared Hockney and his contemporaries to the irreverent and antisocial tradition of art that emerged after the Industrial Revolution, as exemplified by the Pre-Raphaelites, such as Samuel Palmer and, particularly, William Blake, an artist who "remained outside the main tradition all his life, mocking at the religious and artistic institutions of his time, and producing his own totally original poetry and art." (p. 315)

My Art Mission

Walking the labyrinth Joshua Tree California

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

About Kathy

Kathy Crabbe is an artist, writer and Creative Soul Guide who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Her art and writing have been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, magazines and books. Through online resources Kathy is able to help women express their unique gifts and talents in empowering ways. She maintains a blog and website sharing her experiences with both the psychic, intuitive realms and the world of art making.

My Artistic Mission

Poetic, artistic explorations juice me up and make my heart sing. Join with me on an odyssey into soul shaking passion sometimes literal, often fantastic as I document my newest series of paintings on my blog.

Sometimes the only way to save my sanity is through painting because only the painting matters ~ all my doubts and fears and worries and stress and anger and resentment and hate and sadness and pain are released when I paint and yes, love too and passion and joy and wonder and hope. It all goes into the painting where it can safely reside rather than tear me apart inside.

I come from a long line of artists. Generations ago my ancestors were blacksmiths and book binders (and beer brewers) in the UK. After moving to Canada, my paternal grandfather, James Simpkins (creator 0f Canada's most memorable cartoon character of the twentieth century, Jasper the Bear) and his two brothers (Henry and Tom) also became well known artists along with Tom's son, Ron Simpkins.

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Selected Exhibitions

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2013 Small But Mighty Print Exhibition, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California

2012 Members’ Exhibition, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California Journey into Intimacy Solo Exhibition, Sun City Library, Sun City, California Journey into Intimacy Solo Exhibition, San Marcos Library, San Marcos, California Art and Earth: My Art, My World, Murrieta Public Library, Murrieta, California The Art of the Avocado, Brandon Gallery, Fallbrook, California Verse to Image, Riverside Community Arts Association Gallery, Riverside, California Your Face Here: The Modern Self Portrait, San Jacinto College Art Gallery, San Jacinto, California Local Author Exhibit, San Diego Public Library, San Diego, California Riverside Arts Council Exhibit, Riverside, California PNET Members’ Print II Show, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California

2011 “Off The Wall”, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California “PNET Members’ Print Show”, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California “Artscape,” Riverside County Administrative Center, Riverside, California

2006 “Making Zines=Making Herstory”, Women’s History Museum and Educational Center, San Diego, California

2005 San Clemente Public Library, San Clemente, California

2004 Musician’s Workshop, Temecula, California “Art of Zines”, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California “Dark Matter”, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

2003 “Zine Scene”, Orange County Museum of Art Satellite, Costa Mesa, California Borders Books, Chino, California Jojo Pinkie Gallery, Costa Mesa, California


Baltimore Museum of Art Archives, Baltimore, Maryland Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Che Café Collective Zine Library, La Jolla, California Columbia Teacher’s College Zine Library, New York, New York Olymbia Zine Library, Olympia, Washington Pacific Northwest College of Art Library, Portland, Oregon San Diego Public Library, Collections, San Diego, California San Diego State University Special Collections Library, San Diego, California San Jose Museum of Art, Anno Domini Art of Zines Library, San Jose, California Sheridan Zine Library, Welland, Ontario Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library, Lawrence, Kansas UCLA Arts Library, Los Angeles, California 100 Sided Die Library, Montreal’s Mile End, Montréal, Québec


San Diego Poetry Annual, published by William Harry Harding, 2007, 2008. We’Moon Journal and Datebook, published by Mother Tongue Ink, 1993, 1995, 2005, 2008. (reproductions) Dawn, Orange County Arts, Cultures, and Innovations, published by The Dawn Foundation, Spring 2006. (reproduction) Lighthouse Wire Magazine, published by Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada), 2006. (reproduction) Altar Magazine, published independently, (Brooklyn, New York), Spring 2005, Issue 5, Winter 2006, Issue 6. (reproduction) Broken Pencil Magazine, published independently, (Toronto, Canada), 2006, Issue 32. (reproduction) Neighbors Newspaper, published independently, (Temecula, California), September 2006. (reproduction) The Spoon Magazine, published by University of Windsor, (Windsor, Canada), August 2006. (reproduction) Kiss Machine, published by Emily Pohl-Weary, (Toronto, Canada), Fall/Winter 2005, Issue 10, Fall/Winter 2005, Issue 11, Spring/Summer 2006, Issue 12, Spring/Summer 2007, Issue 13, Fall/Winter 2006, Issue 14, Fall/Winter 2007, Issue 15. (reproductions) Art Business News, published by Avanstar Communications, February 2003.


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Speaking Engagements

2010 Feminine Mojo Radio Interview Wise Woman University Interview (live recording)

2007 Speaker, San Diego Poetry Publication Party, San Diego, California

2006 Speaker, North County Author’s and Poets Book Fair, Escondido, California

2003 Artist Speaker, Michelle Shocked, Campfire Series, International Women’s Day Show, “Civil Liberties Are Like Marshmallows” in collaboration with the International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Los Angeles, California


2010-present Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass

2010 Wise Woman University Mentor, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass

2001 HGTV, Your New House, silk painting demo

1995-2001 Artist Educator, Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Beach, California

1990′s Assistant Instructor, Laguna Outreach Community Artists, Laguna Beach, California Private silk painting instruction, Laguna Beach, California


American Visions Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri Artscape, Long Beach, California Art for the Soul, Balboa Island, California Black Cat Gallery, San Juan Capistrano, California Hanging Tree Gallery, Rolling Hills Estates, California How Original Gallery, Laguna Beach, California Laguna Beach Art Museum Store, Laguna Beach, California Mingei International Folk Museum Store, San Diego, California

Art Shows

1994-present Abbott Kinney Art Festival, Venice Beach, California Art from the Heart, Solana Beach, California Artistic License, Costa Mesa, California Borrego Springs Circle of Art, California Bowers Art Museum Show, Santa Ana, California Carmel Valley Artists, San Diego, California Fullerton Art Museum Show, California Gogh Van Orange, Orange, California Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts, San Diego, California Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines, Idyllwild, California Irvine Studio Arts Festival, California La Quinta Art Under the Umbrellas, California New York Stationary Show, New York Oceanside Days of Art, California San Clemente Art Festival, California Santa Monica Contemporary Crafts Market, California Sawdust Art Festival (1995-2001), Laguna Beach, California Sierra Madre Art Festival, Sierra Madre, California Sierra Madre Creative Arts Group, California Winter Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Beach, California

Licensed Art

Creative Image Licensing Designer Fabric Handbags Enchanted Tattoos Fantasy Tea Shop Fantasy Fabric Block Recycled Paper Greetings The Fairy Society

Self Published

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass Barely A Taste Chapbook by Tangerine Bolen, Ground Creative Soul Cards aka Lefty Cards Moon Musings Volume 1 Zines & Chapbooks: Mugwort, Gadfly, Ground, Songs of the Lefties Zodiac Goddess Playbook

Related Activities

2011-2012, 2008 Founding Member, Social Media Communications, Riverside Art Museum Printmakers Network, Riverside, California Volunteer, Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Temecula, California

2010 Founder Facilitator, Creative Soul Circle, social site

2007 Founder Facilitator, Temecula Artist’s Salon, Temecula, California

2006 Founder Facilitator, Temecula Writer’s Café, Temecula, California


Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Temecula, California The Haggus Society, Los Angeles, California Plein Air Artists of Riverside (PAAR), Riverside Art Museum Printmakers Network (PNET), Riverside Art Museum Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California Women’s Caucus for Art, United States


- Bachelor of Arts, Art History - Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1988

- Diploma, Graphic Design (3 year program) - St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario, 1992

- Life Drawing - San Jacinto College, Menifee, California, 2003-4

- Reduction woodblock printmaking and etching with Dixon Fish & Igor Koutsenko - Fallbrook Art Studio, California, 2005-2006

-  Private study (abstract painting and non toxic printmaking) with Leslie Brown, artist, teacher & director of Riverside City College Quad Gallery, Riverside, California, 2007

- Printmaking with Christina Li - Palomar College, San Marcos, California, 2007-2008

- Book arts with Helen Shafer Garcia - Oceanside Museum School, California, 2007

- Book arts with Victoria Rabinowe - San Diego Book Arts Society, California, 2008

- Letterpress printing with Sybil Rubottom - Bay Park Press, San Diego, California, 2008

Carborundum collagraph and monotype printmaking with Amber George - Fallbrook School of the Arts, Fallbrook, California, 2011

Private Coaching & Consultations with:

Sharri Forrester Baldy - artist and founder of The Fairy Society.

Karen Bagnard - Greeting card artist.

Jennifer DeTracey - Marketing strategist.

Vivienne Flesher - Illustrator.

Bob Friedman - Marketing consultant and founder of New Moon Visions.

Jennifer Lee - Artizen Coaching.

Ginger McCleskey - Greeting card rep (Swirly Girl), consultant and owner of Queen of Hearts Cards.

Susan Mrosek - Author and greeting card artist - Pondering Pool.

Marty Noble - Greeting card artist.

Murray Raphael - Author, columnist for Art Business News, marketing expert.

Ed Roach - Marketing and branding consultant.

Creative Soul Guide Bio

I am a creative soul guide. Through one-on-one creative soul readings, classes and online resources, I help women uncover their gifts and talents in connection with their spirit guides, ancestors, and the planetary cycles. My background in the arts infuses my readings and encourages my clients to live the life of their dreams.


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