New Moon in Aquarius: Ballsy and Honest as All Get Out

Breaking it down, tearing it apart, changing's what I do's in my astrological chart (Uranus/Pluto conjunct my Sun) and I am an amazing artist, or I could be if I gave up everything else. (Can you tell I've been reading The Big Dip by Seth Godin?)

"Am I trying to be everything to everyone?" I ask myself... 'cause I'm adopted I really need you to like me? Or buy from me? Or let me help you?

I feel as though my website and my blog and this museletter are just me going through the motions. When I face what's happening in my adopted country, the United States I feel like I need to do something; something radical, brave, smart and honest.

And that something is make art every day; healing art, spiritual art, fun art, art that can make us laugh and cry and question everything.

Can art change your life?
Can art make you laugh?

Art seems like such a small word considering what it can do.

If I could dedicate my life to one thing; I'd choose art.

No choice.

So, this I must do.
And to do this
I must give up all else.

Art Indeed!

Space Twins gouache sketch (from my daily painting series) involving twins who are exiled to another planet and spied upon by the Earth Colony they left behind for entertainment and to ascertain the livability of said planet. They are befriended by a so-called mythical wolf-beaver from their childhood fairytales who helps them escape to Lemuria (now existing in another dimension) after the wolf-beaver discovers the truth.

p.s. After writing this post and receiving so many orders for soul readings I've finally, finally come to the realization thatmy art and my readings are ONE. They are both intuitive, creative, spiritual endeavours so there is no need to compartmentalize them into different categories as I was doing previously and even in my article above. Yahoo!