Painting Persephone

Why Persephone? Why now?

47 years ago I was adopted. When I was 27 I finally met my birth mother who I am now very close to. In the past year she has been fighting pancreatic cancer and so I feel a deep desire to dive deeply into the well with her by exploring the longest running mother/daughter myth there is; the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone.

Sally, Kathy & friend - Solstice CelebrationSally, Me & Carol ~ Solstice Celebration

I'm interested in the pre-patriarchal version of the myth; the one where Persephone (the daughter) willingly ventures into the Underworld to help lost souls cross over to the Other Side. Her mother (Demeter) agrees to this, but in mourning Persephone, she turns summer into winter and the land becomes barren until Persephone returns in the Spring.

The myth re-enacts the cycle of birth/death/rebirth on a yearly basis; this is a natural part of life, but not one that our society accepts or understands in a conscious way. We are afraid of death and dying and what happens next. I do know that our souls do not die. Part of my work as a Creative Soul Guide is to venture into the Other World; the world below and to communicate with the Ancestors. To me, this is one of the most amazing and wondrous discoveries that I have every made.

I had taken a break from mediumship for a few years, but when my birth mom's battle heated up this past year I felt a strong pull to connect again with the departed; partly to reassure myself that yes, our souls do live on, and because I wanted to offer this service and this reassurance to others who are searching for contact from the beyond. I started re-connecting with my own ancestors each morning during meditation where they lovingly surround me. I have always known that we do not die; it's nothing provable or scientific, just a deep feeling of knowing-ness that is hard to explain.

So, when I ventured back into painting my large 4 x 4 foot acrylics on canvas, I knew things had to change, because I had changed. Persephone had entered my life and I was consciously channeling her every morning in conjunction with pulling a Rune. I started the painting in my usual abstract manner, but I had to stop; I was un-satisfied with the process and so I called upon Persephone for help.

It was time to paint in a way I'd never painted before...not from my own ego-self, but allowing Persephone to channel through me. At each step along the way I would stop, hold the Rune and consult with Her; not forcing things, but allowing Her guidance to come through and help me envision what I must do next.

Here are my notes from that session:

algiz - protection Persephone Rune Readings by Kathy CrabbeTo begin I pulled a Rune and called upon Persephone for help. I was told to envision myself in a cave painting on the walls. What would I paint? I would paint, not to serve myself, but Her and so I listened.

Then I painted white gesso over top of what I'd painted earlier, so that only a faint outline remained of a face and two circles.

Then, while holding the Rune I was guided to draw on the canvas with a big, thick piece of lead pencil WITHOUT LOOKING. When I opened my eyes I felt like filling in this shape with light ultramarine blue, but I didn't have enough so I painted it turquoise pearl instead.

And then Her face appeared and She was blood-red.

Next came the black, jagged tears, like wisps of dark ghosts underground (or spears).

Painting Persephone by Kathy Crabbe

This painting is for all the girls and women who are victims of sexual assault, just as Persephone was in the patriarchal version of Her myth. Victims such as 17 year old Rehtaeh Parsons who recently killed herself after being raped and videotaped by 4 young men in Nova Scotia and the 70 victims of sexual assault stemming from a phone prankster who pretended to be a police officer as depicted in the dark and disturbing 2012 movie, Compliance.

And I ask myself, "What can I do? What can we do, as a culture"?

It's time to be truthful. It's time to face Hard Truths about how the denigration of women and the Goddess directly relates to the rape and destruction of this planet. We need to ask ourselves, "How do I contribute to this madness and how can We stop it and stand up for Our Truth as women and Goddess?"

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

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A Healing Message Reading for a Beloved Pet

This reading was done for a very beloved pet belonging to a client of mine. I was so very honoured and touched to be a part of the loving and soul-touching connection between a pet and her owner. I look upon my own pets as my children in a way, yet I also do my very best to give them the freedom to be wild and true to their own animal nature. I treat our connection as a bond between soul-friends, friends that I hope to be reunited with when I cross over to the Other Side. My Client's Initial Request: I am partnered in this life with a sweet, loving greyhound named Annie (Annie the Serene Queen). Three weeks ago she was diagnosed with invasive fibrosarcoma. She has a fist-sized tumor on her left hip that is inoperable given the fact that she is a 12 1/2 year old who would not tolerate the wide excision and probable left leg and partial pelvis amputation that might slow the destruction. I won't put her through that at this stage in her life.

She does have a wonderful holistic vet and, in addition to pain medication, has prescribed a custom Chinese herbal formula, Chinese dietary therapy and an acupressure point recommendation. I am following that, spending time outdoors (as the evolving spring will allow) and giving lots of good rubs and tons of kisses.

My expectation is not "healing", as in cure...but "healing" as in opening our hearts to their full potential to accept our destiny and to be filled with the grace, love, appreciation and acceptance of and for the time we have shared and will, hopefully, share again. My hope would be that she could experience peace of mind and body..release of her anxiety and discomfort..and be able to live the best life that she can have until she departs for the Rainbow Bridge. I want her to be able to feel my deep love and respect for her. I want her to not worry about me.

I don't know if you can help her...and me.

I want you to know that I really appreciate being given the opportunity to tell you about her...she is remarkable. She is my *heart* dog. I will miss her forever.

Thanks, in advance, for your consideration.

A Healing Message Soul Reading for Annie, 'The Serene Queen.' *This reading is being shared with client permission* The first thing I sensed in your reading was Ramon, popping in! And I’m going to call him ‘Ramon the Nipper!’ He does seem to be hanging about, looking out for Annie and looking forward to playing with her too.

- I also see a big red (Valentine Candy) kind of heart, bigger than both of you and it is like it’s being placed over both of you.

- I am also given an image of Egypt (perhaps some kind of past life connection for Annie?)

- I hear laughter, your laughter…and I can tell that it will help carry Annie over to the Other Side, when it is her time.

- She is so aware of you – you can communicate healing and love to her telepathically (and you probably already do.)

- I suggest working with a gemstone called “Blue Topaz” for cooling and healing.

Blue Topaz aids in expressing one’s emotions and needs. It promotes sharing and communication, as well as learning and mental perception. It has a calming and soothing effect on the emotional body and can facilitate the communication of one’s deepest feelings and one’s highest truth.

- I see Ramon again, and he is SO impatient and excited to see Annie – he is just running all over.

- I also suggest working with Angelite (Anhydrite) for help with dreaming.

Angelite (Blue Druzy - light blue) aids meditation and psychic healing. It promotes empathy and compassion for all life and it calms and comforts as well as aiding oneness and the realization that we are never really alone.

- Working with this stone (and the color ‘Angelic Crystal Blue’) will help make the transition smoother – you can work with this stone by placing it under your pillow and under Annie’s bedding.

- I also suggest working with Jet – for crying (on your own, afterwards.)

Jet is used to banish all negativity in order to clearly hear one’s intuition and inner light.

- For Annie, you can reassure her as you are petting her, that you won’t cry, and that you are there for her – and you can tell her this telepathically as well.

- At some point, she may be overly sensitive to everything and the gentler and quieter you can be, the better.

- You can show her a mental image of Ramon and fields of green grass and of you there also.

- If you are feeling tired or weak, I suggest working with a Yellow Citrine point – This will help energize you, so that you can be strong for the both of you – she wants to know that you will be okay.

Next, I sense that we need to call upon a Goddess so I pull a card for you from my Goddess Zodiac Power deck and it is called “The Capricorn Goddess.”

Capricorn is represented by the color blue-violet and the musical tone of “A.” Capricorn seeks integrity and to accomplish Great Works. Capricorn knows all about self-discipline, common sense, logic, patience, persistence and self-sufficiency.

- This card reminds us that this transition is one of beauty, because change isn’t always easy, but it is necessary.

I pull another card for you from this deck and it is called “The Gemini Goddess.”

Gemini Affirmation: I am a dancing, rainbow spirit: I let go easily and quickly. I communicate well and teach that skill to others. I seek the unexpected, I listen, I flood my senses with stimuli.

- This Goddess will help you prepare.

- Things will start to slow down (with Annie) and when she is in pain she will leave her body, she is staying around to give you time to say goodbye and when she is ready, she will tell you with a look.

- You already know that only love matters and love never dies.

- A little bit later, I was still meditating and thought that this reading had ended, but I came back to it again, I just knew I wasn’t quite finished with it!

A Healing Exercise for You (for afterwards)

- I want you to imagine yourself placing Annie in the arms of God/dess (the Great Spirit), knowing that she is safe and still proud (Queen that she is) and don’t forget to blow her a kiss now and then too (she’ll feel it!)

My Client's Response: Thank you for your email...I have so many thoughts!

I am SOOOOOOO relieved and happy to know that Ramon came through. I called him Ramon the Jester because of his "out there" personality. He had the biggest personality of any greyhound I have ever met!! He had a love and exuberance for life that was so beautiful! He was a big frolicking, rollicking fawn boy who adored everyone he met...and was the biggest mama's boy to me. He was my oooey goooey love muffin.

Ramon was 4 years old when he died a sudden and very violent death. He and Annie and I were out walking the path skirting a wetland behind my house. He was strolling along with me and it was the loveliest Fall day. I let down my guard and, while focusing momentarily on Annie, I allowed his leash to drift out of my hand. He took a few steps away, and as I walked towards him to regain control of the leash, he walked just enough ahead of me (turning back to look at me with his teasing grin) that I could not ever get to him. At one point, he turned away from me and bolted down the path and up onto a road. Annie and I ran screaming for him to stop. Before we reached to top of the path, I heard a big thump and one sharp cry. He had made it across the street but on the way back to me he was struck by a car. He was standing by the side of the road when I got to him. I put my arms around him and started feeling for injuries but he was physically perfect. Within moments, he collapsed down and I wrapped my coat around him. The man who hit him agreed to take us to my vet hospital and I sat in the backseat with Ramon in my arms. Annie was in the front seat...but she climbed into the back and laid on top of him with her face by his face. During the ride, he started gasping and as we pulled into the parking lot Ramon took his last breath. He died from severe internal bleeding.

He is home with me now, in a beautiful urn. I want him here.

I have always been troubled by the fact that Ramon has never come to me. I have never felt his presence and I have never seen him in a dream. I always wondered if the trauma of his death...and the fact that I didn't protect him from it...played a role. I will never forgive myself for squandering the greyt gift that i had been given. I was charged with protecting him and I failed.

To know that he surrounds Annie and will be there for her is so comforting...I can't tell you. And to know that he is still his jubilant self makes me smile through my tears.

Annie had a very peaceful night last night. She seemed calm and comfortable...and that is not always the case. This morning, while walking, she even trotted a little...slowly...but did her little "head shake" that always indicates that she is so happy! She is resting now after her breakfast.

I will take your suggestions to heart....and work very hard to try to put my grief aside when working with her.

As I told you..Annie is my *heart* dog. Ramon was my *soulmate*.

There is never enough time.

I love the image of a big heart encompassing us. It's beautiful.

Thank you, Kathy, for all of your kindness and intuitive insights.

I will be forever grateful to you.

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