Verse to Image Exhibit: the poet has come back

Kathryn V. Crabbe. 2012. The Poet Has Come Back. Drypoint etching and monoprint, 13 x 26 inches My newest hand pulled fine art print is a combination etching and monoprint. It was created for the "Verse to Image Exhibition" at the Riverside Community Arts Association Center in Riverside, California.

This exhibit features members of the Printmakers Network affiliated with the Riverside Art Museum and explores the connections and spaces between literature and the plastic arts with displays of writing that have inspired the artists' works on view.

My print was inspired by Margaret Atwood's poem The Poet Has Come Back and by a quote about rebellion from Chris Hedge's book Death of the Liberal Class.

Atwood's poem talks about the god of poets having two hands, "the dexterous and the sinister" which actually refers to the left and right hands, something of great interest for me due to five years spent painting and drawing exclusively with my non dominant left hand in early 2000. Atwood's lines below were explored in the print I created.

The poet has come back to being a poet after decades of being virtuous instead...Welcome back, my dear. Time to resume our vigil, time to unlock the cellar door.

To understand humanities intuitive, 'primitive' past I looked to the earliest known drawings (and prints) created some 35,000 years ago in the Chauvet Caves of Southern France. (see image to the left) I also took notes and made sketches from Werner Herzog's 2010 documentary film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams for which he was granted the rare privilege of filming inside the caves.

I also investigated the groundbreaking work of archaelogist, Marija Gimbutas who explored Neolithic Goddess culture, mythology, linguistics and folklore in her book The Language of the Goddess. Gimbutas writes:

Hands and feet symbolize the touch of the Goddess; they impart her energy.

The color red is the symbol of life.

Figurines occasionally have enormous hands seemingly imparting divine energy or spells.

Chauvet Cave - handprints

In the Chauvet Caves are walls containing two different kinds of palm prints, one kind was made by pressing the fleshy round part of the palm of a hand onto the wall's surface and the other by spraying the color red around the hand.

In my etching/monoprint I made a full hand print (in black) using my right hand to represent the left brain dominant, logical society of today and another print (in red) using the fleshy base of my left palm to represent the intuitive, right brained world of our Paleolithic ancestors. In between the two hand prints I printed an etching of a root like symbol to connect the two worlds; both the rational, present day society and our intuitive past.

It is important that we, as a culture are presented with a vision of this possibility. We need to acknowledge and face our shadow side, our fears, our left hand and yes, stand vigil at the cellar door so that once again the poet has two hands, the dexterous and the sinister.

This piece also symbolizes how important the role of the artist and our imagination can be, especially in today's society. By making our mark, by critical thinking, skepticism and risk taking I ask each one of you to consider how important art, the imagination and the artist can be in North America today.

We must always learn from and study the example of other peoples throughout the world, but we do have to analyze our own conditions here in the belly of the beast. We, as conscious artists, must combat the torrent of mind-control with a real alternative - murals, songs, dance, poetry that contain different values and have educational content as well as beauty...everything is political.

Miranda Bergman, Mural, Mural on the Wall from Art on the Line, Essays by Artists about the Point Where Their Art & Activism Intersect, Edited by Jack Hirschman

VERSE TO IMAGE EXHIBITION Riverside Community Arts Association Center Riverside, California Exhibition dates: March 22 – April 21 Reception: April 5, 6-9pm (during Riverside Arts Walk)

March Update: Creative Soul Museletter

Dear Creative Souls, So much has happened since my last "Museletter" and I've got loads to share! Key word being DISCIPLINE!

Cactus and adobeEach day I sketch plein air (outside), often at my neighbour's home who has incredible grounds to explore. It's just like visiting a botanical garden - all sustainable and water-wise too, lots of cactus (a few of my drawings can be found here). After that I lift weights, suntan (plenty of vitamin D to be had in Southern California), drink a smoothie with about 15 different things in it, work on the internet (I'm trying to keep this to 1 hour minimum to break my addiction, ya know what I mean?...hint, hint Facebook!) Then I work on printmaking and painting, take a walk at sunset with my black dog Abby and finish off with situps and pushups. I've also come to realize that I need to draw and paint EVERYDAY and I'm hear to tell you that the well does not run dry! ie. keyword being discipline. I also still love giving astrology and creative soul readings, so if you're wondering what's become of me, I'm still here!

It's almost Spring ~ Woohoo! (Fall for my friends down under). Also, future Museletters will be much less chatty and more announcement-style to keep you posted on my upcoming art exhibits because I know your time and mine is precious! If you want more 'Chatty Kathy" please do subscribe to my blog where I've been posting at least once a week, by signing up here (look on the right hand side of the page). Now for the good stuff: where to find me and my current work!

Exhibitions Read-Red Fallbrook Library V1, monoprint, 6.25 x 10.25 inches. Dixon Fish has organized an exhibition of fine art prints at the Fallbrook Library featuring artists from the North County San Diego Printmakers group and surrounding areas.

I'll be exhibiting hand pulled prints from my BodyPrint Healing Series. These prints are part of a process of healing I've undertaken through art-making.

Exhibition dates: March 8 - April 27 Reception: March 16, 5-7pm


Local Author ExhibitMoon Musings Volume 1 San Diego Public Library

This is an annual event open to local authors. The physical exhibit is now over but selected books will be available for viewing at the San Diego Library.

I exhibited two books, Moon Musings Volume 1 and the Goddess Zodiac Playbook which are currently available as ebooks. Moon Musings Volume 1 was written over one year's time in conjunction with each month's new moon. Affirmations and creative exercises were originally shared on my blog and in my Divine Feminine eClass. The Goddess Zodiac Playbook was written and painted over one month's time in conjunction with the moon's passing through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. I interpreted each zodiac sign as a goddess rather than the more typical male interpretation.

Online Exhibit


PNET Member's Print II Exhibit Paradise Bird, aquatint, 4 x 6 inches. Riverside Art Museum

The Printmakers Network of Riverside County organized this exhibition.

I am exhibiting an aquatint created at Palomar College in their now defunct printmaking program. This print was an early experimental piece incorporating several techniques I was in the process of learning including the use of non toxic waterbased Akua inks.

Exhibition dates: February 2 - April 7

ArtscapeOf gods and angels, acrylic, pastel and charcoal on silk, 48 x 48 inches. Riverside County Administrative Center

The Riverside Arts Council organized this ongoing exhibit of local artists.

I am exhibiting two pieces from my Journey Into Intimacy Series. This current body of large abstract acylics is based upon my exploration of embodying intimacy through every part of my life so as to welcome and invite greater intimacy into my life.

Exhibition dates: October, 2011 - March, 2012

Save the Date

March,  Verse to Image Exhibit, RCAA Gallery, Riverside, California May 6 - June 24, Solo Exhibition, San Marcos Library, San Marcos, California

Recommendations & Links

New gallery in Temecula: Wine Country Art Gallery at Van Roekel Winery Dorland Mountain Arts Colony ~ Spring open house photos (painting plein air with 2 artist groups) My eClass: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul is now self-study Creative Soul Readings Facebook


Sparkly Blessings!Kathryn V. Crabbe Kathryn V. Crabbe

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Arty weekend: Painting at Dorland & Wine Country Opening

Last weekend (March 3-4) was the Spring Open House at the Dorland Arts Colony in Temecula, California. I was there painting along with two artist's group I belong to: the Plein Air (open-air) Artists of Riverside (PAAR) and the Printmaker's Network (PNET). There was live music, art for sale, artist's in action, art colony residents (Leslie Sterne, author), an auction and a raffle; plenty of arty goodness for all. Afterwards I invited PAAR members to attend the grand opening of a new art gallery in Temecula's wine region where I was exhibiting two paintings from my new series, Journey Into Intimacy. It was the final night of the opening so we happily helped polish off the last of the cream puffs, Van Roekel Merlot, cheesecake and brownies as we watched a gorgeous California sun setting over the vineyards. Arty links are at bottom of post.

Helpful Links Dorland Art Colony, Temecula, California: Wine Country Art Gallery: Plein Air Artists of Riverside: Printmakers Network: Gary Rainsbarger, PAAR President - Art: Susan De'Armond, PAAR Treasurer - Art: Elin Pendleton - Art: Kathryn V. Crabbe - Art:

Why I Create

Coral Room. Acrylicl & charcoal on canvas, 48 x 48 inches. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe Here's something I wrote in my journal last week to shed a little light into my reasons for creating, for painting, and for being an artist. I also wrote it in preparation for an upcoming  exhibit of my work at Temecula's newest art gallery.

Why I create: I create simply for the love of becoming; like a talisman I mark my space, my canvas, the paper with my body, my marks and colours, not to say ‘look at me’, but as a holy act to awaken love, intimacy and healing – to become whole, not fragmented, to feel it all I paint all emotions, fear and love. I also paint bird imagery to free myself, to fly, to be free. I paint to regain my soul and the soul of my people that has been lost, repackaged and sold to the god of commerce.”

You can read my entire bio including my artist's statement here on my art site:

The painting above titled Coral Room will be on display at The Temecula Wine Country Gallery in Temecula, California's Wine Country this weekend. The opening reception will be March 2-4.

Sketching at Dorland Art Colony

On Sunday, March 4 you will find me, along with two artist groups: PNET, the Printmaker's Network and PAAR, the Plein Air Group of  Riverside County at the Dorland Art Colony's Spring Open House. We will be painting and sketching the scenery around this beautiful, quiet artist's retreat center from 1:30-4:30.