Why I Create

Coral Room. Acrylicl & charcoal on canvas, 48 x 48 inches. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe Here's something I wrote in my journal last week to shed a little light into my reasons for creating, for painting, and for being an artist. I also wrote it in preparation for an upcoming  exhibit of my work at Temecula's newest art gallery.

Why I create: I create simply for the love of becoming; like a talisman I mark my space, my canvas, the paper with my body, my marks and colours, not to say ‘look at me’, but as a holy act to awaken love, intimacy and healing – to become whole, not fragmented, to feel it all I paint all emotions, fear and love. I also paint bird imagery to free myself, to fly, to be free. I paint to regain my soul and the soul of my people that has been lost, repackaged and sold to the god of commerce.”

You can read my entire bio including my artist's statement here on my art site: http://www.kathrynvcrabbe.com/bio/

The painting above titled Coral Room will be on display at The Temecula Wine Country Gallery in Temecula, California's Wine Country this weekend. The opening reception will be March 2-4.

Sketching at Dorland Art Colony

On Sunday, March 4 you will find me, along with two artist groups: PNET, the Printmaker's Network and PAAR, the Plein Air Group of  Riverside County at the Dorland Art Colony's Spring Open House. We will be painting and sketching the scenery around this beautiful, quiet artist's retreat center from 1:30-4:30.