Psychic Medium & Documentary Film Producer: An Interview with Jamie Best

This month's special guest in the Creative Soul Circle is a good friend of mine,  Jamie Best who is both a psychic-medium and a documentary film  producer.  To speak with Jamie personally, please check out the Circle Soul Circle where you can connect with women-of-like-mind such as Jamie and many more special guests for in-depth conversation. Behind the Scenes

Tell us about your role in making a film.

Originally I was contracted to do writing on the film The Spirits of Bourbon Country. As the project progressed, we found my abilities as a medium came in more handy and my role changed and I actually was in the film sharing my experiences on camera with the many spirits we encountered. We have a small team, so my duties also included lugging around equipment and running a camera from time to time.

What films  have you been involved with so far?

I've been involved in one completed film; The Spirits of Bourbon Country. This film is an in depth look at three of the most famous haunted locations in Bardstown, Kentucky, USA. We delve into the history and film our investigations of the locations. I'm currently involved with a cryptozoolical film in production titled The Spottsville Monster: Kentucky's Bigfoot.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of working on a film?

My favorite part is interviewing the people willing to share their personal experiences with us. I love meeting the people and hearing their stories.

My least favorite part is how long the editing process takes. I'm not too involved in the editing process, so I get impatient waiting for the result of our filming expeditions! I'm always excited to see it put together.

Evidence: You Decide...

What are your future plans in films?

I hope to continue being involved in documentary film making, mostly in the paranormal genre. It's a topic that interests me and is close to home since I've been having these types of experiences since I was a young child. It's fantastic for me to get the stories of these types of experiences out there! And to know (and to let others know) we're not alone having these events occur in our lives.

What is your ultimate dream movie project?

I don't really have a "dream" project. Which ever project is on the table at the time is always the best one I could be doing!

Do you prefer the term 'movies' or 'films'?

I usually refer to them as films because they are documentary style and 100% true and accurate based on the evidence provided to us as a team. Whenever I hear the term "movies", I think more of the entertainment industry. While our films are entertaining, they are also informative.

What originally got you into films?

I have a friend who belongs to a paranormal research team that I belong to who had done documentaries previous to me getting involved. He followed my blog and enjoyed my writing style so asked if I'd be willing to write for his next film. But as I said, my role in the film changed as the project progressed.

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