Capricorn Herbal Wisdom


Comfrey or 'knitbone' is ruled by the planet Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, of course!

Magically known as Hecuba's bells, it is often used in Dark Moon celebrations to honour the crone aspect of the Goddess.

Comfrey can be worked with to release and cut cords that bind you to another and for empowerment as well. It has the power to destroy and construct.


Comfrey is an Herb of Hecate, Goddess of the Night and also of wild and wintry places.


Comfrey relates to the root chakra which lies at the base of the spine (and relates to our physical vitality and our survival instincts.) Because it is connected with Saturn and the element of earth it is helpful for those who lack structure and form in their lives. Comfrey can help contribute stability and a sense of order to those feeling lost within chaos and despair.

Comfrey is also helpful for women who have suffered near-death experiences or serious injury.

Drink a cup of comfrey tea in the morning until you no longer feel the need for it.

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