Celebrate Your Inner Capricorn Goddess

Happy Birthday Capricorns!
December 22 - January 20 (approximately)

Kuan Yin Poem
Mercy, compassion, grace
China’s beloved Goddess chose this place
To stay and guide enlightened mind
Call her name and peace you’ll find.

Mode: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Color: Dark grey, black, brown, slate blue, rich winter earth colors
Gemstone: Quartz, jet, onyx, turquoise
Tree: Birch, willow, pine, elm
Herb: comfrey, hemp, hemlock, henbane
Food: meat, potatoes, barley, beet, spinach, malt, starchy foods
Animal: Goat (with a fish tail), snow goose
Body Area: Skin, teeth, bones, knees
Tarot Card: The Devil
Goddesses: All crones, Kuan Yin, Tiamat, Dam-Kina, Anatu

The goddess painting above was painted as part of my Goddess Zodiac series - LuLu Design
It became a part of a book I wrote - The Zodiac Goddess Playbook
as well as a deck of oracle cards that I use for psychic readings - LuLu Design (on Etsy)

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