Elena's Dream Dilemma


Recently I had a dream that there was something in my right forearm. Suddenly there was a small opening and I dug in to pull it out and it was a metal..necklace?

I could only remove it so far but it was....not really painful but disturbing, like I was pulling something out of somewhere too deep.

Then suddenly it was as if I had left my body (I have not astrally projected, not that i don't believe others can, just not my forte, as of yet or to my knowledge) and was sitting down beside myself on the floor. It was as if my spirit self had left my physical body to try to remove the string of metal (necklace?) from my arm because I couldn't do it myself while in the body...hard to describe.

I remember things being of muted colors....almost sepia, and black and white tones. I was not aware of any space around me ie. the room or a light or a door or anything, just myself fixed on the realization that there was something in my arm.


I've been working on getting back to center this year on many levels. I am an empath and sensitive to spirits and energies but because of several phases of life I feel disconnected from that ability among others. I have spent ten months now focusing on recreating the fire of art and finding my path back to my gifts and I am very close but still missing the mark.


I decided to do a psychic reading for Elena to find out what I could about her dream and what it might mean.

I randomly chose a card from my Lefty Oracle deck so that later Elena would have some imagery to work with on her own (I do not look at the card to do my reading, but instead hold my hand over the card to sense it's energy) and it was called "Gonna Fly."

I also chose a gemstone called Green Calcite to work with for Elena's reading. I also suggest that Elena work with this stone later on. I am calling this exercise a stone infusion and it is designed to help Elena release all the tension I feel around her heart area.

Hold the Green calcite up to your heart area or work instead with the color green.
Breathe deeply into this color or into the energy of this stone.
Breath in and release three times while feeling the energy of the stone surround and permeate your being.

(to say aloud or to yourself)

I am Love.
I am Divine.
I am ______________ (state your name.)

From this place of clarity know that it is only you who can remove the metal 'bones.' You have no need of them.
Breathe in strength and Mother Earth, feel her power, it is energy from the ground itself.
Breathe out love and feel your heart working, removing all traces of the metal artwork that is not yours.
Replace that space/that opening with you, instead.

Who are you?
Bless yourself three times and give me three words that describe you.

I name you:
and Infinite Beauty,
and I return your wings to you so that you may fly by night.


It was only now that I chose to look at the Oracle card that I had pulled for Elena and it was entirely appropriate - she is "Gonna Fly!"