A Paper Prayer

After speaking with Brett of Van Fleet Street Designs I was curious to learn more about how her spirituality influenced her artwork.

Brett says:
"It seemed as though I was predestined for the unusual from the day I was born, having been born on April Fool's Day and Easter. At age 5 I had a near death experience due to a kidney infection going systemic; that same year my parents and I moved into a house that was almost 100 years old...haunted of course. My mother quickly became interested in things occult, such as having seances, befriending mediums, astrology, numerology, and developing her psychic ability.

Many things have happened in my life that would have scared someone else to death, but to me it's normal. As a result of the way in which I grew up, I have grown to accept my "abilities" and have secured a way to allow them "air time" and I do that through my art. So yes, my work is both spiritual and telling."


For those of you who hike, you may have seen this scene once or twice before. Imagine yourself walking through the autumn trees, life hanging on, a chill fills the air and you breathe in the fresh air of a place you love to be.

This is a "Paper Prayer." It's format is a standard 4 x 10 inches and can be made of anything you desire. The Paper Prayer was originally created by Japanese artists who wanted their art to instill health and well-being to all.

You can find Brett online at:
Her Etsy shop - Van Fleet Street Design
Her blog (for artist tips) - Brett Ward

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