Law of Attraction - A Full Moon Blessing

7:27 pm PST

Feel yourself nurtured and fed by a Cancerian Full Moon blessing. Can you see her watery, pale face shining down upon you, offering you a glimpse, a mirror, into the very depths of your soul? Seek out a quiet place to bask in her mooney glow and feel her gentle breath upon your brow and then ask yourself: "Who is my family? How can I heal and nurture myself? Who can I turn to for emotional comfort and warmth? Where is my true home, my roots, my foundation? Do I feel safe, loved and protected? Do I feel truly abundant and prosperous? Where is that ol' security blanket of mine anyway?"


"The truth is in order to serve people you have to psychologically get underneath them." (from "The Trick to Money is Having Some" by Stuart Wilde)

I have no idea what this means! So I read on as Mr. Wilde explains: "This does not mean that you are less than those you serve, it just means that while you are serving them you have to subjugate your ego and your personality to their needs...Learning to serve is one of the great money-making tricks in life...In serving there is the pleasure of doing things well. You learn humility and make loads of money." (Thank you Stuart Wilde for this paragraph!)


I took a quick poll in the Etsy - Forums and this is what I heard:

Thee Green Pea says: "If at the end of the day I can still look in the mirror and know that: I gave it my all, I was kind, I gave even though I didn't have the means, I made someone laugh, I helped someone who was sad, I let someone know that I cared, I have breath in my lungs and a heart of good health, friends and family...with that I am blessed...I am prosperous and abundant with joy!"

Puss Daddy says: "All I really need is my family and friends and enough money so that I am not worrying about paying bills or getting behind and I am happy."


I am going to go out on a limb right now and say to all of you that abundance and prosperity is available to all of us all the time. I would like to relate this posting back to the current Full Moon in Cancer and look at abundance from the framework of how abundance makes us feel - we need to work with the feeling of being abundant so that we can bring abundance into our lives.


How can we truly feel that abundance, prosperity and unlimited funds are always available to us all the time? Firstly, by removing from our life any kind of negative influences: friends, colleagues, naysayers, and the voices in our head that are holding us back from feeling abundant.


I have found that in the Etsy community I run into many folks that are just squeaking by financially and so they want a deal and many are offering their services for next to nothing or just for fun, and this brings down the whole level and quality of the entire community making it next to impossible to make a living wage for those of us who are professionals and rely on this community in part, to make a decent living. Etsy is a great place to get started selling your handmade work online but it is not the "be all and end all," professionally speaking. I will be investigating other options and keep you all posted. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed!

The artwork above is titled "Moon Glory" and is a part of my Lefty Series of Oracle Cards

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