Tamara's Fairy Tarot Magick

Meeting Tamara:

I recently met Tamara online in the Etsy Forum in a thread I started called "Calling all witches, psychics and tarot readers” - I have met a ton of wonderful wise women here and our thread is ongoing so come join us, when you get a chance!

Tamara’s Blend of Art and Spirituality:

I'm an eclectic Pagan and practicing herbalist with a creative streak that leads me to draw, paint, sew and build. My spirituality is an important part of my creative process and you'll often find me tucked away in my workspace coming up with my next project!

Tamara’s Fairy Daughter:

My daughter is 13 and she is totally a free spirit. She was really the inspiration behind the costume and photos. I made the costume from scraps of fabric that we had lying around the house. The wings were the most elaborate part of the costume, but the most important part, too. I dyed the nylon material and made the form from copper wire that we pulled out of some old electric wire, then I used glass beads to make the designs on them.

Tamara Creates Her Own Tarot Deck:

The tarot cards were an intense labor of love and the time spent making them was so cathartic for me. It also pushed me outside the boundaries of all that I'd done before. I would encourage anyone who is dabbling with tarot to take the time to make their own set.

No More Doom and Gloom Imagery:

The imagery behind most of the tarot cards in my deck was a random thing, actually. I felt it was necessary to replace the typical doom and gloom imagery of the Death card, for example with something brighter and more in keeping with the 'new beginnings' or 'metamorphic' interpretations that I often see in my readings. Hence ~ sunshine, caterpillar and butterflies.

Tarot Readings:

Often, when doing a reading, I would find myself struggling to make connections. I would go to my books and read the literal meaning of the card and my mind would instantly come up with it's own image for remembering, so I'd make notes of those images. When I created my own deck, I combined or replaced some of the symbols that held no meaning for me with symbols and images that did.

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