New Moon in Aquarius

11:55 pm PST

Keywords: liberation, detaching from old emotional patterns, collaborating and networking, exchanging ideas and concepts, community activism, visionary insight, marching to the beat of a different drummer, manifesting idealism to benefit the planet.

The last moon period may have been heavy and difficult but this upcoming New Moon will be inspirational and uplifting. What shifted for you in a big way over the last month?

"The whole world is hoping that Obama can cleanse the horrific, negative fields conjured up by the Bush/Cheney regime…the whole world must get back on course." Barbara Hand Clow - Astro Flash – a great site for political insights.


The expansive planet Jupiter entered the sign of Aquarius for the first time in 12 years on January 5th and will remain there for the next year, The beneficent Jupiter offers travel, worldly insights, adventure and lucky opportunities to those who are willing to expand their horizons.

The Gift: the ability to envision and seize new possibilities and potentials for the future. A time to be independent, imaginative, eccentric and rebellious.

The Challenge: Temptation may lull you into foolish, overconfident and arrogant behavior. Watch out for rigidity and radical, unpredictable aloofness.

11:58 pm PST

A solar eclipse is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon – the Moon actually blocks the Sun’s light inviting archetypal realms to flood our consciousness and making possible rapid and permanent changes in our brains.

During this time of awakening we will be able to open ourselves to accept and welcome the entire Universe in order to move beyond our limited Earthly perspective.

Eclipses catalyze our soul’s deeper calling and offer us a time of deep transformation. Since ancient times astrologers have used the eclipse as a means of prediction. To determine the effect of a specific eclipse, check your natal chart and find out in what house the eclipse falls. Each house governs a specific activity or area. The effects of an eclipse are felt whether it’s visible or not. You can find the exact degree of the eclipse in your own astrological birth chart to help identify potential release points where your inner potential will seek to reveal and release itself.


01.11.09 - 01.30.09

Mercury is currently retrograde until January 30th. So if you are having any sort of computer, car, communication, travel problems and life appears to be moving forward at a snail’s pace then at least you will know why. Take advantage of this time to reflect, relax and de-stress.



February 2nd marks Mid-Winter, the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Other holiday names for this seasonal turning point are: Imbolc, The Feast of Lights, Candlemas, Chinese New Year and Ground Hog’s Day. It is a time of celebration, prophecy, purification and initiation.

What groups are you starting up or joining? What are you celebrating? How has your view of the big picture changed? Tell us about it!

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