Surrendering to Creative Cycles (Secret No. 4)

This week as part of the Next Chapter Highly Creative Book Bloggers Group we will be taking a look at fear, passion and what stimulates and ignites our creativity.


Question #1. Do you feel exhilarated by your creative work right now?

Yes, I do! I am currently working full time as a psychic-medium and spiritual guide. Previously I was a full time artist since 1993. My work has always ignited my passion!

Art connected me with my feelings and taught me a lot about how to express feelings and then let them go. My paintings are my children and I watched them grow up and head out into the world and into the homes of people who sought to bring color, spontaneity, magic, inspiration and pure joy into their lives.

Currently, as a psychic spiritual guide I am connecting with my clients even more directly, this time through words, talk and conversation about soul. This is a different kind of connection compared to being an artist. I believe that it is teaching me personally, about how to let go of ego. The focus is not on me it's on the client, and our soul based connection.

Question #2. What ignites you the most about your creative work?

When I was focused on being an artist full-time, I was happiest while painting or drawing. I also loved to watch people in my art booth connect with my art - their face would light up, they would smile or laugh or they would just de-stress, relax and enjoy the environment. They were 'enchanted' and transported away to another world - or so they told me!

In my work as a psychic-guide and healer I am happier then happy when I begin my psychic workday by opening myself up as a clear channel for the Divine in response to the wants and needs of my clients. This must be what heaven feels like.

I also love being able to incorporate my artwork (as oracle cards) and my years of research and study of people, metaphysics, goddesses, astrology and psychology into my daily work. It feels like everything I've spent an entire life passionately learning and absorbing is finally able to come together and be of service to those in need of healing and insight.

Question #3. What are your specific fears about yourself and your work?

I feel like I am always conquering fears! Recently I discovered that I have a fear of money and earning what I'm worth. One of my best friends runs her own marketing business, Lift Strategies. She helps businesses grow and prosper and I often turn to her for marketing advice. Based on her suggestion, I am reading "Overcoming Underearning" by Barbara Stanny. I am especially inspired by this quotation, "Money is wonderful. I am helping people have better lives."

My fear of money is slowly and surely being dealt with as I learn to risk valuing myself and my work more completely.


Question #1. What stimulates your creativity into its highs and lows?

I see living itself, as a form of creativity. So, if my art-making is at a low, I'm usually just being creative in a different way. I live creatively in every moment and I have a pretty steady personality so there really are no extreme highs or lows.

Every week a different highly creative blogger will be interviewed. This week Leah Piken Kolidas a mixed-media artist and creativity guru is featured.

What creative passions are you following these days? What risks have you taken lately? Please share and make that your big risk for today!

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