The Healing House

This is going to be a short blog series based on photos I took at The Mother of Pearl, the home and business of a wonderful esoteric healer and masseuse named Terri Darby (in Murrieta) that I visit regularly.

Terri is a Goddess and I love to be in her presence. My visit lasted for over 2 hours, and as she worked her magic on me with heated stones, light massage, aromatherapy, crystals, tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks, we spoke of cosmic grids, the base-ness of money, the Virgin of Guadalupe, stone hearts, hairballs (don't ask!), playboy bunnies and re-connection through the Keys of Enoch on Molokai. What a trip! I am still wearing my moldavite necklace in memory of our healing work together and will be posting more about my experiences (with pix!) and their outcomes soon.

Don't you just ADORE her enchanted cottage!

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