Consulting Guides (Secret No. 7)

This week as part of our highly creative bloggers Next Chapter Book Club we are taking a look at: seeking out role models and advisers, reading about inspiring lives, and guiding others.

Searching for a guide (in the flesh):

My story - Short Version:
Never had one.
Always wanted one.
Dreamed I was one.
Became one.

Long Version - How to Find Your Spirit Guides:
I never actually found the "perfect guide" in the flesh, but I did find several in the spirit world. My recommendation, for those of you searching for your spirit guides, is to start out by working with a deck of tarot or oracle cards. My deck of choice was the Greenwood Deck, a Celtic Pagan deck created by Mark Ryan and illustrated by Chesca Potter. The two cards featured in this blog post were the ones that kept cropping up for me over and over again. But it was the Ancestor card that proved to be my greatest guide, acting as a gateway into the spirit world. By following (metaphorically/symbolically) the trunk and roots of the trees pictured in the card, down into the ground and beyond, I was able to access my main spirit guide, Annie.

How To Connect with Guides to Help Others:
When I give readings, I connect with the greatest guide there is, The Divine. I didn't start out by giving readings, I worked up to it over many, many years of practice. I suggest you find what methods work best for you, whatever allows you to quiet your mind (monkey-mind), open your heart, and become humble in the presence of Divine Beauty, with the realization that you are merely a channel and a messenger. Your job as a guide, is to remain open and connected, so that you can deliver healing and insightful messages in a non-judgemental, comprehensible and clear manner.

Book Club Featured Artist Interview of the Week:

The Next Chapter Book Club features an interview a week with one of our highly creative blogger participants. This week's featured blogger is Australian artist, Leonie. She creates art & events to help women discover and celebrate the Goddess within.

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