How To Prevent Psychic Attacks

Many clients and friends have recently been asking me how best to protect themselves from negative people, places and things, because very often sensitive people will unintentionally absorb negative energy from others.

To begin, I suggest that you construct barriers around yourself, not real barriers but energetic barriers, by visualizing golden, white light, or an egg of protection, or by visualizing mirrors all around your body, deflecting negative energy back at the person who sent it (there are many ways!) You can also put up mental barriers in the form of phrases such as: "I do not accept this guilt, or this manipulation."

Sometimes negativity comes at you when you’re unprepared and it can feel as if you’ve been slammed against a wall! That's a solar plexus hit like the air has been knocked out of you, and it can come out of nowhere! After this kind of attack, it's just a matter of recovering.

But to simplify things, if you do sense negative vibes around yourself, then simply stay away from that person or group as best as you can. Sometimes there is a teaching involved in the whole experience, but that’s another story, for another article.

It’s also not really possible to walk around constantly trying to protect yourself, because this would take way too much energy and because you would be blocking out all kinds of good experiences too. Once you get the hang of how it feels to be strong and steady, to stand alone and on your own two feet, relying upon your own powers of intuition, awareness and discretion, you will be able to make your way through the world in a more empowered and positive way.

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