In Honour of Mothers Everywhere!

I recently had a Mother's Day Giveaway contest on my Facebook Group page - the winner was randomly chosen and received the silk art print pictured above titled "Vera" - this is a painting I did of my own mom as a cat! To enter the contest I asked folks to "Tell me everything you learned from your mother" and I got some great responses which I feel need to be repeated!

So here are the entries and thanks again to all the participants who wrote in.


My Mama is Rosalinda (I love her name! It means 'beautiful rose') and she has taught me plenty of things, but the biggest thing is to never stay quiet, and to always speak my mind when the timing and place is right (we don't need me getting in trouble now do we!) Though I'm just 17 and have much growing and much more to learn I feel that I am who I am now because of her. Cristina

My mom, Bonnie, developed cancer when I was 13 and died when I was 19. These were my teen years. I was self-centered, selfish and wanted to be a kid. It was hard for me to understand exactly what was going on and I took her for granted. Looking back, I can say she taught me to face difficulties head on, to appreciate life, and to always try to see the good in any situation. She was remarkably patient and tried her best to give me a normal life during her illness. I really appreciate what she did for me. Cindi

I learned from my mother to always Listen, Learn, and Love. Oh did I mention I have 7 indoor and 3 outdoor cats? I LOVE CATS! Sheree

How I learned to love my mother:
After many years of hard times together, (30 to be exact,) we seem to have found common ground and can communicate in a gentler way now. She was deaf since age 2 and I could always feel sorry for her, but could not find it easy to be patient and communicate properly. She used to nag me so much, but it was because she did not hear everything and wanted to make sure I was okay. She could not hear her own baby cry you see, so it was to constantly check up on her to see if she was okay. She just ultimately never lost that habit, even after I became a teenager. (I, being 'her baby'.) Well, after the years and the distance, we watched each other and found the other side we were looking for. I saw how she did her work with full dedication and she saw how I took on challenges and found solutions to the most difficult situations. She inspires me and I inspire her. I'm far from her now and really miss her. I hope we can connect on Mother's Day by skype! Anna

I'm going to leave a post about my Grandmother. She was a wonderful woman who taught me how to love through difficult circumstances. Although she lived far away from me, she found ways to send me her love, and I wouldn't be the strong person I am today without that. I miss her always. Susann

My mother taught me to always have compassion, understanding and most of all forgiveness. She always said that life is far too short to hold a grudge and that when you let anger live in your heart, it will take away the joy you could be feeling. Amanda

I learned to ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE AROUND ME...I try...Renata

What I learned from my mom:
1. What a really great teacher is
2. A great respect for learning.
3. A love for crafts people and their work.
4. How to keep a secret.
5. How to work hard with integrity.
6. How to do a great job, be of service, and help others.
7. How to love and show emotion openly and honestly, no holds barred.
8. How to be maintain one's privacy.
9. How to be honest, even if one has to be blunt about it.
10. How to be a good mother.
Kathy Crabbe