New Moon in Gemini Triple Artist Feature

New Moon in Gemini
May 24

5:11 am PDT

Plan on play and witty verbal exchange during airy, communicative New Moon in Gemini. This is a good time to put energy into friendships, to attend meetings, or to study something of interest. Let your curiosity keep you on the move and in the moment. Excerpted from the We'Moon Journal & Datebook.

This month I'm featuring lots and lots of Gemini artists because, well, Gemini does like company! Also interesting to note, is the fact that it was Gemini jewelers who responded to my call for Gemini artists. You'll understand more after reading their stories explaining how jewelry making just fits so well with a Gemini personality!

Spotlight on Gemini Jeweler Meredith Lasko
"First time customers at my jewelry booth often ask, “How many artists are represented here? The styles are all so different!”

As a Gemini artist, variety is my raison d’etre. I exist to create. One day I’ll spend six hours on an uber-meticulous wire-wrapped and crystal piece, and the next day it’s chunky gemstones and wood. My display is brimming with jewelry, and no two pieces are identical. I call my style “Zen jewelry” — whatever the inspiration of the moment is, I flow with it.

I also built my display booth - modular wooden stands that can be set up quickly, and fold down neatly at the end of the day. Geminis are good at working with their hands, and I equally enjoy stringing beads or assembling wood. Art and craft are a continuum — I think of an idea and create it with my hands, whatever the medium. I’ve made acrylic paintings, wire puppets, and wall hangings.

Geminis are known as great communicators, and I communicate most clearly through writing. Whereas visual art expresses one side of my creativity, written art — poetry and essays — gives voice to both my intellect and emotions.

So many ideas, and only (I think) one lifetime to go. I have been blessed."

You can find more of Meredith's jewelry online at:

Spotlight on Gemini Jeweler - Carla at Twilight Designs
"I am a Gemini. I love shiny things and little things. My work is forever evolving as I lose interest in one thing and then gain it in something else. I began making jewelry because I was interested in lampworking and chain maille and wanted to teach myself how to do it. Somehow, that has evolved into making jewelry from wire and glass, stone, and shells. Lately, I've begun making wire and glass trees like the one featured here. I think my Geminian analytical brain leads me to a style of working that is very detailed and intricate (although not the kind of detail that would require an excessive amount of patience!)

I love making jewelry because it allows me and my short attention span to focus on multiple things at once. I usually make jewelry while watching tv or listening to the radio or talking to friends.

You can find more of Carla’s jewelry online at:

Spotlight on Gemini Jeweler Diana
"I am a Gemini and I do think that my work reflects that. For one thing, I don't have 'a look' mainly because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. I need variety, a very Geminian trait!

Also, as you can see I have lots of styles of jewelry, one for each of my sides I guess! I can also say that I don't make anything unless I'm in the right 'mood,' because my moods do rule my life.

What I find so intriguing about making jewelry is that it keeps me interested because there is so much to choose from: gemstones, findings, colors, shapes, textures; they all keep my brain engaged and excited - you know how quickly we get bored...

What I think is interesting about me personally is that I have a very analytical job which I love that totally feeds that side of my personality, and then I feed my creative side by doing jewelry - so it balances two aspects of my personality that are important to my well-being.

You can find more of Diana's jewelry online at:

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