Friday is for Gran & The Fiddlehead - Part 7

Today's post is dedicated to my Gran Betty and her canal boat called The Fiddlehead. This regular Friday post documents a recent two week family vacation taken by 35 family members on 5 narrow boats, with folks ranging in age from 8 months to 91 years old (Gran herself!)

This was Day 7 as recorded in my faithful moleskin journal. We had just spent yesterday at Warwick Castle (pictured below) otherwise known as "Britain's Ultimate Castle" according to their website. It dates back almost 1,100 years to 914 AD when Ethelfleda (cool name!), daughter of Alfred the Great, ordered the building of a 'burh' or an earthen rampart to protect the small hill top settlement of Warwick from Danish invaders.

Some English sayings I gathered along the trip:
Blighty (used especially by troops serving abroad, means - Britain; home.)
"Bob loves tatties and winkies" (written on someone's van-take a guess what it means!)
Give Way (a street sign that means "Yield")
Shandy with bangers and mash (good food and good drink; ie. pub grub.)

Me and my good buddy, the court jester at Warwick Castle (can you tell I'm a flautist?)