Creative Blogging - Week 2

This is week two of The Next Chapter creative blogger's book club - we're an artistically inspired group of bloggers that are once again joining together to blog weekly about our adventures with a specific book - this time around the book is called "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith.

Week 2 - The Wrecking Begins!

So Keri, the author advises us at the beginning of her book to "get dirty" and get ready to "grieve for the perfect state that you found this book in" as "you may begin to live more recklessly."

She also advises us to:
1. Carry this (book) with you everywhere you go.
2. To follow the instructions on every page.
3. Order is not important.

I like number three so this week I randomly worked with three different pages from Keri's book and this is what happened.

While writing a "Page of Good Thoughts" (see below) I had a moment of just being nothing, and it felt delicious.

I ripped out a page to "Wrap something with this page" (see photo below left) and it felt GOOD, too good, now I need more books that I can rip apart.

The next page advised me to "Write or draw with your left hand" (see photo at top of post) - an old familiar exercise for me; I had just spent five years working exclusively with my left hand, to the point where I'd pick up a pen or brush and would have no idea what hand I was using. I created the Lefty Series during this time and they helped lead me to becoming a soul reader - you could say it awakened my intuitive brain. I hadn't drawn left-handed for a while so it was great fun to return to that playful space - I feel lighter now!

You can follow along with Week 2 on The Next Chapter blog by clicking here - Jamie, our fearless leader has also posted a video to welcome newcomers.