Wreck This Journal - The Next Chapter Begins!

Wreck This Journal - what a great title!

This is the beginning of another creative bloggers book club group journey. Each week a big group of us will be blogging along chapter by chapter as we share our stories in concert with the wild and wacky creative exercises outlined in Keri Smith's book, "Wreck This Journal."

Our last book was called "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" and I met, blogged and was inspired by a whole bunch of cool new online creative friends as we kept pace with each other week by week, blogging about the book and how it was helping to shape our lives.

The book club was started by Toronto based Creativity Coach, Jamie Ridler and what better way to bring together a diverse bunch of creative characters to share life and art via the internet. Please join in - we just started and it's never too late to sign up! Here is Jamie's site where where you can learn more about how it all works: The Next Chapter - Wreck This Journal Blog.

I'm also just now realizing that the title of this book is literally what it's about and we, as participants/readers are encouraged to do just that - "wreck this journal"! What fun! Many bloggers in our book club are afraid to demo books, but I am not! Probably 'cause I've taken book arts classes and have seen great examples of usually very old books (with cool decorative leather looking covers) destroyed, but all in the name of art, so it's okay. That's also why I've featured "Mel" - the little drawing to the right - he (or she) is one of my left handed drawings (done with my non dominant hand of course!) and he and his kind (500 or so other Lefty characters) enjoy being perfectly imperfect, messy, uncouth (if called for) and just plain free. Yeh! So I look forward to sharing in the 'wrecking' with all of you!
Wreck On!"