The Healing Power of Crystals & Stones

This article was written by UK Jeweller, Anna-Marie Miles

A Healing Necklace of Well-Being
The first piece of healing jewellery I made was for my mother. She desired a pendant necklace so we combined healing crystals with her favorite stones to create a beautiful necklace of well-being consisting of Hematite, Snowflake Obsidian, Malachite, Moonstone, Ocean Jasper and Swarovski Crystal. The reflected light from the Swarovski Crystal really made the stones come alive. This necklace delighted my mother and helped to ease her digestive problems and arthritis.

A Traveler’s Bracelet
My mother soon desired another piece of jewellery for an upcoming journey so I made her a traveler’s bracelet from Carnelian and other stones. She is now addicted to Carnelian and has to wear it every day! Carnelian is a very underestimated stone that has helped many people boost their spirits and change their lives.

Carnelian - SiO2+(Fe,O,OH)
In the Middle Ages, Carnelian was used to staunch the blood and calm anger. The Egyptians used it as a protective stone for the dead.
Mental Attributes - Courage, emotionally uplifting, energizing.
Physical Attributes - works with the organs to stimulate the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the small intestine. Alleviates rheumatism, arthritis and stimulates the metabolism.
Chakra – Associated with the base/sacral chakra.

Making Jewellery
When I create my jewellery I usually work with five to ten different stones. This enables me to help the whole person rather than to focus on specific symptoms. I’m always surprised how each piece turns out because the picture in my head is always different than the finished piece. I have been told that my pieces are so much more powerful than store bought healing jewellery and that comment really made my day! Perhaps it’s due to the healing energy I put into their creation and the fact that they are created specifically for each client.

Anna-Marie (also known as The Crystal Lady) lives in the heart of beautiful Devon in the UK. She grew up close to Dartmoor, an inspiring, especially magical and mystical place that she is never far from. Having spent several years in business with her husband, she briefly lived in Florida before returning to the UK. After her return to England she trained as a jewellery stringer and repairer until the birth of her youngest son. Wanting to stay at home to look after her two sons encouraged her to start her own business creating Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Jewellery, and then with the help of her mother, she started Mystic Earth, her custom healing jewellery business. Passionate about stones, rocks and minerals since childhood, her addiction now has a purpose and with the aid of a crystal healing course that she completed last year she is enjoying helping many people and creating beautiful jewellery.

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