Why We Dream - Dream Interpretation Made Simple

This article was written by UK based freelance writer, Laura Gellar.

What is the one thing we all have in common as a race? We dream! Dreams are sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes so confusing they leave us baffled for days, but dream interpretation isn't as difficult as many people try and make it out to be.

Why do we dream?

Different people have different opinions on this and I'm no expert, but I do have my own view of why we dream. I believe that in some cases it can be our subconscious mind trying to bring things to our attention that we may have overlooked in day-to-day waking life. I also believe that some dreams are messages from family members that have passed away, spirits trying to give us a heads-up on what's happening. However, I believe the golden rule of dream interpretation is that dreams are meant to be interpreted and understood, but not controlled. Experimenting with dreams by trying to control them is becoming vastly popular, but I believe this is wrong, dreams are a gift and we should treat them as such.

Rule #1 My first rule of dream interpretation is “Don't over analyze your dreams!”

Dreams can give us strong but simple messages:
My friend had a dream that she was kidnapped, tied to a chair and gagged. The person doing this was her boss. So I told her to look at her day-to-day life and figure out if anything was really bothering her, or making her unhappy. After a few hours of talking she realized that she was desperately unhappy at work because she hardly ever got to see her family (kidnapped.) She felt that she didn't have the freedom to say and do what she really wanted to do in her job (tied up and gagged.) Her boss represented the job itself.

Rule #2 Always keep a notebook and pen beside your bed, so that you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Dreams can become very complicated and confusing:
A lot of people dream about family members and friends that have passed away. Yes, this can be unnerving and a little scary, but for those of us who are non-psychics that are not able to tune our minds and bodies in to the spirit world it's often the only way that spirits can visit and communicate with us. Sometimes spirits want to tell us something, or warn us, but often they simply want to say ‘hello’ because they miss us as much as we miss them!

Interpreting your dreams takes practice. I don’t believe it’s something one can do for another person because everyone is unique. You know what's happening in your own life and you are the only one who can ever know what your dreams truly mean.

To sum things up:
1. Keep it simple and don't be afraid.
2. Listen and learn from your dreams and they will help you more than you ever thought possible.

Laura Gellar is a 27 year old freelance writer. She started writing at age 19 for a local teen magazine called Sugar. She writes short stories with a supernatural twist, as well as feature articles on a variety of subjects for local UK magazines like Take A Break, a Women’s Weekly. You can find Laura online at her Creative Heart Blog and on Twitter at GellarGirl.

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