In Honour of Fathers Everywhere

I am having a Father's Day Giveaway on my my Fan page - the winner will be randomly chosen tonight at midnight and will receive the silk art print pictured above titled "Lazy Day." To enter the contest I am asking folks to "Tell me everything you learned from your father" - and it's not too late to enter! These are some of the responses so far: WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY FATHER:

He taught me to see the good in people, to stand up for myself and to love life.

I learned a great deal from my Dad. The one thing that really stands out in my mind is compassion. My Father is "True Blue". When my grandmother died in 1964, he took care of his brother, who was mentally challenged, until his death in 1988. When my Mother was going through chemotherapy treatments my Dad was there every step of the way. He was there for my sister also when she developed cancer. I am blessed with a wonderful Father who is full of compassion and always puts his family first. I will be forever grateful for this wonderful Parent in my life.

My Dad taught me all about crabbing, a passion of his and mine too now. He taught me about plants in the yard and over the years we've gotten closer.

My father taught me how to live a life well lived. From him, I learned to love theater, good film, and to enjoy the best life has to offer - trips abroad, the Met... and the small things - a walk in the park, a good bowl of ice cream....gracias papa! I learned from my father... overall to be a good person. This is what I learned from my dad: Forgiveness has amazing rewards and you can only experience them through forgiving. I miss my pops. thanks for posting the give away question, Kathy. It made me think.

My relationship with my father taught me about compassion. I am grateful for the depth and complexity of my connection with him.

My Dad instilled in me to always work hard and to do the job right!! Stand tall an be proud, walk with your head up, and carry yourself with dignity! He also taught me to tie my shoes, recite the Lords Prayer and to sing "Take Me out To the Ball Game" I tear up everytime I atttend a baseball game and sing that song, but I know he's singing it too! Gosh I miss him!

Most people would not find many favorable things to say about my dad, even though I was the one he hurt most.

But yet, he still taught me so much that I treasure.

He and I shared a love for horses - he raced them before I was born. When I started riding, he was a wealth of knowledge and had a great horse sense about him. I became a better horsewoman because of him. Maybe this is a small thing to be grateful for, but it was during these times our relationship was what it should have been all along. Both my mom and dad have passed on, and I miss them both.