New Moon In Cancer Artist Feature

New Moon in Cancer

June 22
12:35 pm PDT

The New Moon in Cancer encourages heightened sensitivity as we water our memories, nourish our roots and express our emotions with tears and solitude. It's a great time to nest, cook and share food, enjoy home, family, long baths, long walks and quiet time. (Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook.)

This month's featured Cancerian is an American visual artist, sometimes writer and spiritual counsellor originally from Norfolk, Virginia who currently lives in the Southwestern United States.

Spotlight on Cancerian Artist, Jennifer Bernard Swiderski

As an artist and a Cancer many of the archetypes (personality traits) of Cancer play an important and interesting role in my artistic process. The main trait relating to my creativity would have to be environment and love of home. Cancers are good at creating nurturing, peaceful, beautiful home environments.For me, home is vitally important and not just my physical environment, but also my spiritual, and psychological internal environment. I am very careful and protective (another Cancerian trait) of creating an environment where my peace of mind and spirit are protected and my creativity can flourish.

I enter a deeply personal internal place during the creation of my work. It is a type of meditation, or spiritual practice that involves listening to music and clearing distractions before beginning work. I always say a prayer and 'clear' my area, then ‘go to my creative place' internally as I open myself to expanded states of consciousness during which I receive guidance from my Higher Self, the angelic realm, ancestors, and all aspects of the divine or light.

When I develop new ideas or work out creative problems, these aspects also play a huge role in my process. I go out into the world, have interactions and experiences, but then return to my 'inner world' to create, having taken this knowledge, stimulation and experience and then sublimated it, like a filter into my work. In the peace of my own Cancerian space, I then feel free to let go, as my internal visions come out and into my ideas and artwork.

Another aspect of my creativity is that I love sharing my work. This last aspect of my process is vital because my work is primarily based in spiritual and personal archetypes, I’m not just re-creating ideas or images that already exist. So by sharing the work and interacting with others I am learning and growing spiritually, and hopefully helping others do the same on their journey in life.

Lastly, as a Cancer, and an artist, I am also very sensitive, sometimes internalizing TOO much. Sharing the work, and interacting with collectors and viewers helps "pull me out of my Cancer shell" and when I hear that the work has made someone happy, or inspired them in some way, it really pulls me out of that place and lifts me up. Finally, I consider my work a success when it has inspired or moved a viewer in some way.

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