New Moon in Cancer (Again!) Artist Feature

New Moon in Cancer

July 21
7:35 pm PDT

This month we are having yet another New Moon in Cancer (the second in 2 months!) So if you are still working on learning last month's New Moon in Cancer Lessons you will have another chance this month to keep at it. Plus, we will be experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse at the exact same time as the New Moon.

The New Moon in Cancer brings up lots of memories and all the emotions accompanying them. This is a fertile time as tears fall more readily so take some time to allow your tears to strengthen and nourish your roots. I find that a good healthy, healing cry can be a very cathartic and freeing experience. All the arts are encouraged, especially the alchemy of cooking. Work on bringing the water element (Cancer is a water element moon) into your life. Try to identify what you are resisting - can you let it go? (Partly excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook.)

This will be the longest running Solar Eclipse in over a century - it lasts for 6 minutes and 39 seconds! When the Sun darkens during the eclipse, it's a good time to meditate on how best to get out of your own way, so more light can shine upon your unique gifts.

"In general, maximal intuitional access is ours during total solar eclipses, when the intuitive Moon obscures the egoic Sun and healing knowledge arises from within." Barbara Hand Clow

Cancer Keywords: "I feel", devotion, intuitive, touchy, security, domestic, manipulative, emotional, sensitive, nurturing, brooding.

Cancer Goddesses: Mama Cocha, Isis, Tien Hou, Circe

Cancer Gemstones: Pearl, Moonstone

Cancer Animal Spirits: Bee, Crab

Astrology provides us with a universal symbolic language that teaches us how to attune and work with our unique gifts in service to all of humanity. You can better understand what the universe is asking of you by working with the energy of the New and Full Moons through meditation, contemplation and private time alone. You can learn more about what an eclipse is and how it might effect you here. I also offer a New Moon Reading for those wishing to explore the New Moon's effect based upon it's position in your astrological birth chart wheel.

This month I am welcoming back last month's Cancerian New Moon artist, Jennifer Swiderski to discuss how this double Cancerian New Moon whammy is affecting her! Jenn is an American visual artist, sometimes writer and spiritual counselor originally from Norfolk, Virginia who currently lives in the Southwestern United States.

"The Muse" - oil on canvas

Spotlight on Cancerian Artist, Jennifer Bernard Swiderski

As a Cancerian artist, I feel this particular New Moon time is very exciting and significant for me, both as an artist and as a spiritual student of life. For me art is not separate from life, it is a reflection and record of my journey. Everything I am experiencing now is also being reflected and felt in my art. I have definitely felt a sense of urgency this summer, like everything is 'building' up to something.

As I reflected upon the wisdom that Kathy shared in this blog post about the New Moon and the interesting celestial events happening this month and last they seemed to mirror my life in the same way my art does. Right now I am trying to learn to let a very powerful transformation happen within me artistically and personally as I try to 'get out of my own way'.

This year especially, I have been creating more direct, contemporary works of art (see painting at the top of this post.) I absolutely love creating this new work, (and have been for a few years,) but for some reason have felt reluctant to go fully into it as a career, perhaps because it is so raw and personal (and also I feel very tied to the work I am already known for.) But this year is different, I can feel an up-welling of emotion just beneath the surface as questions and inspirations pour forth, much like the element of water represented by my Cancer sun sign.

I am working to incorporate these celestial lessons these celestial events by meditations involving a small ceremony of 'letting go' and 'letting in' the new, (like water) wash over me, through me, and out of me in new ways, without reservations. I have also been creating works that seem to have a watery theme to them and all directions are pointing me towards letting go and letting grow. Sometimes the amount of inspiration I feel flowing through me is almost overwhelming so I am very excited to share my new work with the world.

My hope is that the new art I create and share will have an even more moving, powerful and significant effect upon others, and will inspire you to do the same on your journey.

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