Your Favorite Goddess - Part 1

I asked my Facebook Fan and Group page members to write and tell me all about their favorite Goddesses in order to win an Astrology Goddess 14 page report and this is what they told me!
(This contest is still open for entries - the winner will be announced at the next New Moon - July 21, 2009)

Artemis - Sagittarian Goddess

Shawna Jamison (UC Riverside):
My favorite Goddess is Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt. She's woodsy and outdoorsy like me, and never wanted to be forced into marriage. I feel a kinship to her because of these things; I love being outside and I don't want to define myself through a man. She is strong and independent, and I try to be that way myself.

Tracy Angelina Evans (Greenville, NC):
Lilith ~ much reviled by the Patriarchy, once a handmaiden to Inanna. She embodies the spirit of feminine freedom from the rules of the Father. "I would rather live in a cave on the edge of a torrential sea than lie under my equal!" Absolutely Lilith, my personal Mother of Memory, Lhihlhilshian Kela'Menan!

Margaret Hargett:
Quan Yin is my favorite Goddess since I have been attuned to the Violet Flame of love and compassion. She teaches us to practice a life of harmlessness, using great care to ease suffering in the world and not add to it in any way. Quan Yin always hears and answers our prayers and no special ritual is necessary to contact her. 'Om Mani Padme Hum', which means "Hail to the jewel in the lotus flower." While invoking her, I have seen her reddish mist and hot pink Orbs around me and over a small statue I have of her. May Many Angel Blessings surround All that Is, *Namaste*

Kuan-Yin - Capricorn Goddess

Meredith Laskow:

My favorite Goddess is Qu'an shi Yin (Ku'an Yin) because she was gifted to me. Years ago, when I was visiting the home of a friend, she said that back home in Taiwan, people bought small laminated cards of Gods and Goddesses, which they used as a focus for their prayers. The front of the card was a picture of the God/dess, and the flip side was a prayer invoking them and their attribute. My friend gave me the card for Qu'an shi Yin, because she said the Goddess worked through me and I embodied Her attribute of compassion. She said I should display the card to see it regularly (I do) and be reminded of the quality that shines through me the strongest.

Ix Chel - Aquarian Goddess

Maitri Libellule (Wilmington, NC):

I am a devotee of the Goddess and celebrate the new moon every month. I love your site and your work and am excited and delighted being a part of this. My favorite (so hard to choose, I have so many that I love) is Ixchel, Mayan Goddess of the Moon, protector of women in childbirth (I am a midwife, though no longer practicing, a childbirth educator and a La Leche League Leader), linked to the cycles of the moon; a weaver (I am a weaver) and she is often seen with a dragonfly. (My last name, Libellule, is dragonfly in French and the dragonfly is my totem animal and my home is Dragonfly Cottage.) I also wear pendants of Kwan Yin, Rhiannon, and Athena, but because of the moon/women/weaving/dragonfly connections Ixchel is the one I am most strongly drawn to at this time in my life.

Angela K. (Waco, Texas):
My favorite Goddess would have to be Cerridwen because she is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration, even if it is of the Underworld. As a Pagan, I have communicated with her numerous times and every single time, it has been helpful. Some people tend to forget that she does bring forth amazing inspiration, even if she does not rule above ground.

Deborah Stinson (Toledo, OH):
My favorite goddess is Athena. I guess I'm old school, since she's a Greek mythology goddess. Athena is not only the goddess of wisdom, she is also the goddess of arts and crafts including agriculture, navigation, spinning, weaving, and needlework. I don't know how she had time to go to war, but then we all make time for that, don't we? There are other interesting things about her too including that her father was Zeus and he gave birth to her. Weird.

The artwork featured in this article is from a series of 38 paintings I originally created as part of a experiential book/project/meditation that involved writing and painting all the astrological signs in conjunction with the moon as it passed through these signs over one month's time. I currently offer soul readings with this deck.

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