Metaphysical Artists & Crafters on Etsy - Part 2

I have met some wonderful folks of like mind and spirit in the Etsy forums in my latest thread (discussion) called "energy, crystals, spiritual psychic guides" and would like to share their stories with you! I asked folks to tell me a bit about their metaphysical inclinations, what drew them to this thread and why they keep coming back.

Meredith Laskow (jewelry) (writing)

Hill Tribes of Thailand Turquoise Silver Earrings

Meredith Laskow is a lifelong artist who sells her jewelry designs at craft fairs, in galleries, and on her rapidly-breeding collection of websites. She is the current (and only) Poet Laureate of Placentia Library District. Her poems and essays have been published internationally.

I followed the "Energy and Crystals" thread from the tail end of another Etsy thread started by Kathy, where I also participated. I'm drawn to the idea of a spiritual existence beyond traditional paradigms. I believe that everything that is, everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be -- is connected through time and space and energy.

Despite our different circumstances, the people in this thread are connected through common attitudes towards life. I stay here because everyone feels like a friend.

The Three Birds of Mount Dora - Photograph

I am a freelance photographer, artist and writer. I believe in black and white. I believe in shades of grey. Lover of books and seeker of wisdom, I love learning all I can about the infinite possibilities of acquiring awareness. I want to know what my soul is made of and am currently a student on a spiritual healing path.

"The World Is My Studio" is the way I see the world. Art, like beauty is subjective, but it is always full of soul. With all the ups and downs in life, the beauty and the ugliness, we get to choose how we see things. The world is my inspiration and my studio.

What drew me to this thread? Because I was meant to. What keeps me coming back to this thread? The people I've met in this thread share both similar and different beliefs; we're all open and love sharing our experiences and stories with each other; cool stories, positive energy, cool people.

Brenda - Callistia

Storming the Castle - Ceramic Dragon

I loving making things and spending time with my boys, but I never seem to have enough time to do what I love. I noticed the "energy & crystals, healers, spiritual psychic guides" thread a while back, and was drawn to it; it just took me a little while to post. I have always been able to 'feel' things, especially involving those I care about and crystals and natural stones have made a difference in my life. I also love reading about new and different things.

Amber Thurman - NoctisAeterna

- Why I like this thread: I find discussions of supernatural, paranormal, and magical topics interesting. Always have, (hopefully, always will :)

- What drew me to it: The promise of discussions about things I rarely get to discuss seriously - at least, discussions where I'm not treated like a nut, anyway!

My background is not so much metaphysical as it is paranormal, since I wasn't able to really get into metaphysics until I left home for college. But I've seen ghosts, angels, and spirits ever since I was a child - the very first one I remember, was seeing my grandfather at his funeral, standing beside my grandmother and praying with her. I've also started exploring my own spirituality a bit more recently.

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