Your Favorite Goddess - Part 2

I asked my Facebook Fan page members to write and tell me all about their favorite Goddesses in order to win an Astrology Goddess 14 page report and this is what they told me!

Jo Settle Sprouse (Asheville, NC):
I was originally called by Brigid, who knew I would accept her first on my pagan path. But I have grown closer to the river and sea goddesses as I have studied and practiced. At this time, I feel kin to Senua, as she was recently rediscovered in 2002, and is said to be a river goddess with healing and wisdom gifts. When I read about her rediscovery I felt drawn to her, as she has not been revered in years, and I am on an new-old path that my family has not walked in generations. I feel that her coming out again and my rediscovering this ancient path are linked spiritually.

Shannon Emigh New York, NY):

I've always liked Persephone, Greek goddess of the Underworld, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Her tale is deliciously tragic, as she was abducted by Hades and whisked away to the Underworld to be its queen, while Demeter was left to grieve for her lost daughter. When Demeter discovered what had become of Persephone, she sunk into isolation, leaving the Earth to wither without its goddess of the harvest. Knowing that this couldn't endure, Zeus forced Hades to release Persephone, but before she left the Underworld, Hades gifted her with a pomegranate. When she ate of the fruit, it bound her to the Underworld for a third of the year for eternity. This myth is a very creative explanation for the different seasons. While Persephone is with Hades in the Underworld, nature begins to wilt entering into Fall and then Winter, and while she is back on Earth with her mother, nature is renewed entering into Spring and then Summer.
Heather Davis:
That's a hard one as I have many goddesses that I love, but if I had to make a decision I would have to pick Blodeuwedd, a welsh virgin Goddess of Spring. Her totemic form is an owl, the bird of wisdom and lunar mysteries.
One of the many Goddesses I honor is the Welsh Goddess Cerridwen, who was a shape-shifting goddess of prophetic powers, enchantment and divination. Her cauldron is a powerful symbol of transforming magic, and of the lessons learned through change and experience, as well as divine creative inspiration.
Dana Weekley (Trenton/Princeton, NJ):
Favorite Goddess - Dana - "Even though Dana is an Irish goddess, her name also has a depth of meaning in Sanskrit as well. Her name, as well as the name Pali in Sanskrit, means generosity and giving. The sub-context of this meaning is not only in giving, but in the joy someone receives when they give or donate without expecting anything in return, and seeing the recipients' happiness and delighting in it. It's funny how this description of this name from a totally different culture than that of the Irish conveys exactly what Dana represents in Ireland, an all caring Mother who loves to give to those who ask."
Susan Manning:
I am drawn to the Virgin of Guadalupe who some may not think of as a goddess but more of a patron saint for our area. She is known to appear to the innocents and to children but she is someone whom I turn to when I need help or am struggling with an issue. Qwan Yin is another goddess who hears the cries of the world and uses her many arms and eyes to pour her mercy down onto the world. Finally, I think of Lakshmi who is a goddess of abundance, when I feel lacking in any way. All three goddesses are represented in my room because they give me comfort.
Lola Fisher:
Goddess Qwan Yin, goddess of compassion brings me peace with waves of tears. Sometimes my own personal fears/tears other times fears/tears of earth, which brings me to the awareness of ONE, we are all ONE. With that comes peace.
Mary Miller (Columbus, OH):
Goddess I am honoring today: CIANNAIT. She is a Celtic-Gailic Goddess of water, inspiration, dreams and creativity. I chose her today because I find myself being drawn to water. This aspiration is to invite coolness, to calm the fires of Mars and allow my receptivity to come into view. Ciannait also can encourage communication between lovers and dreamers creating a balance between action and relaxation, something we all need. I sometimes forget this, hence why I am calling upon her today!