An Ancestor Reading for Jenn

This is an actual sample of an Ancestor Reading with kind permission from my client.

What is an Ancestor Reading?

Ancestors are family members (or friends) that have passed away but choose to 'come through' for you in times of need so that they can offer you guidance in the form of a message. I will request specific information from your ancestor so that you can positively identify them. I will sometimes see your ancestors, hear them, or feel their presence along with their name and I will do my best to capture whatever message they have for you. It can be reassuring to know that you are being watched over and loved by those who truly care for your well-being.

Spirit guides are wise teachers and guardians from another dimension that advise and protect us. They are dis-carnate spirits (ie. deceased relatives, angels, nature spirits, animal totems) that can act as spiritual counselors or protectors for us, in our time of need.

An Ancestor Reading for Jenn

This reading is in response to Jenn's wish for a connection with Marie, “Dolly”.

- The first thing I see is a woman with long, straight, sandy, brown hair at the beach pulling up a white sack and the word “ginger” pops into my head!

- This woman seems very independent and she is wearing a necklace with small white flowers.

- She knew her own mind.

- She was not extroverted.

- It also feels like her body may have swelled up at one point.

- The name “Charlie” pops up.

- She was anxious for others to continue having a good time without her (while she wasn’t doing well.)

- She appeared to have Piscean energy.

- Sometimes when she was out and about, no one noticed her at all – she would just sit there quietly, with her pointed (pale) face.

- I also get a sense of her being very, very tired.

- The 1830’s come to mind.

- I see a grey hound.

- I also see a big ol’ kitchen – grandma’s cooking.

- She is wearing a crimson scalloped (apron?)

- I see a son (Danny?) and Lise.

- She wants what’s best for them.

- I feel her fading in the/her 30’s.

- She was too young and pale.

- Danny makes her smile and whisks her away – is he already on the other side at this time or just helping her pass over?

For Jenn/Wren, and she really smiles.

- I see a big ring, raised (a bauble?) and she says, “Carry on…through you, I’ll live on…through your vitality, I feel alive! Look after your two little ones.”

- Everything just stopped (bodily) for her and she left like a run-down clock in the end.

Jenn's Response: This seems accurate to me. Her husband died when she was in her thirties and for the rest of her life she shouldered a tremendous responsibility. She was the oldest of 10 children and those waiting for her were probably her husband, Johnny and her mother, Angelina. She was also close to Uncle Rudy and her brother, uncle Petey who died at age 10. She was NOT an extrovert. The part of her at the beach with a sack is very accurate. I have a photo of her at the beach with her long sandy brown hair in a "sack" bathing suit, popular in the early 20's.

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