A New Moon Reading for Amber

What is a New Moon Reading? When you attune your activity with the lunar and planetary flow you become a channel for the wisdom of the natural world. Approach each New or Full Moon cycle as a journey, a teaching, and an opportunity to plant new seeds and see them come to fruition in the month ahead.

The astrological part of your reading will examine where the New Moon falls in your birth chart along with a look into your Transits chart so that you can enhance and direct your life with greater purpose and intent in the upcoming month.

A New Moon Reading for Amber

* This reading was published with Amber's permission.

I decided to start your reading off with some flower/herb power so the first card I pulled for you is from my Fairy Herbal Healing Deck and it is called “Red Clover.”

Red Clover is an herb of Jupiter. It is helpful for people who hold in negative emotions and have a hard time releasing them. It is helpful for depression, grief, sorrow, worrying, and for over-thinking. Drink a tea of clover flowers daily for as long as you feel the need. Red clover works deeply and powerfully in the emotional body, it helps one to channel energy out and to express long buried emotions. It is fundamentally strengthening and provides a real boost to the life force. It also helps break through old patterns and gives one the vitality necessary to pull through illness.

My First Impressions: - To begin I took a look at your body energy and I get an image of a crocodile eye! You appear to be laying low.

- I chose to work with a gemstone called Blue Calcite, to look into some higher frequencies, energy-wise. Blue Calcite helps clear old traumas from this life that are being held in the throat. Calcite supports peaceful assertiveness and promotes the ability to articulate one’s needs. It also promotes inner peace and quiet.

- I feel as though this is a time of receiving for you, and especially for receiving information from your spirit guides. - Next I look at your mental energy and it feels like you are learning without even trying right now. It’s like a form of osmosis and you are able to absorb information and teachings from higher sources.

Another piece of my stone collection, called Petrified Wood was also calling to me, meaning that a spirit guide or ancestor wanted to come through. Petrified Wood allows us to access our roots or beginnings, which are stored on a cellular level, drawing strength and knowledge from our ancestors and our lineage. This allows us to “speak” to those who went before and gain wisdom from them. Honour where you have been, release the old, and allow yourself to move forward in a new direction.

- I also worked with a hawk feather to clear your energy before starting to connect with your spirit guide.

- Your guide’s name is Tomas and he is a Dreaming Guide, meaning you can most likely connect with him through your dreams. He also has a crow totem with him as well. - He is a guide that you can pose questions to. - He likes gold and bright, shiny things and you can place something like this under your pillow at night and request that he appear and answer your questions. - He has a lot of suggestions for you, to help you through this New Moon.

- Firstly he suggests that you work with gold and with the color yellow, which is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the will. - He is saying you need to assert yourself this month, in your job, that you need to take a stand, with your two feet firmly planted, but also to do it with a sense of humor. - He suggests tracking your growth month by month by starting a New Moon Journal. You can take a look at how taking a stand on specific things has changed your life and moved it forward. This will allow you to track and measure your momentum. - He also suggests buying a bag of gold stars and rewarding yourself, in your journal, each time you accomplish something as a result of taking a stand. - He suggests that you need to work out and to NOT reward yourself with food!

- This month you are learning and listening and starting to assert yourself, it’s the beginning of an exciting year for you!

New Moon Astrology for the Upcoming Month – New Moon in Aries

What are some keywords for this New Moon in Aries? Direct, intense, generous, fiercely independent, love a challenge, buck authority, warriors for a cause, fire, spark.

The Gifts and Challenges of Aries are: to learn dynamic co-operation, patience, to listen to your muse, to be true to your path, to prioritize your own voice and your intuitive responses.

The Moon in Aries gives us access to our fire and spark, but temper, impatience and passions run high. We’re urgent to get back on track and re-center in our selves, but the challenge is to maintain our compassion and sense of empathy. It’s time to do what truly makes us feel alive, initiate projects, set boundaries and buffet our temper. Many new beginnings are hatched now, making it a good time to try new approaches and discover new outlets. Spirit is moving, so channel Moon in Aries with your vital willingness to be and to do.

Where does this New Moon fall in your chart? The New Moon in Aries is sitting in your first house. This means that fiery Aries will be adding it’s pioneering and intense energy to these areas of your life: - How you come across to people - Your natural disposition, your appearance - How you spontaneously react to things - How you approach things initially - The way you ‘package’ and ‘market yourself’ (this is kinda like your business card, it’s the first impression you make upon others)

In your chart the first house is ruled by Pisces and so these personality traits of yours will also be energized and affected by this feisty Aries New Moon:

- You are naturally intense and psychologically attuned - everything you do must have some inner value attached to it - You don’t like to take a back seat to anyone else - You like to be noticed and you have a real need for recognition - You are usually a take-charge kind of person and once you learn to handle yourself well, others will look to you for all the answers.

What issues do you need to focus on during this lunation to bring growth and wisdom into your life? Interaction with others could be a real source of learning this month leading to some big changes. On a deeper level this could also involve a confrontation between your inner and outer worlds. This will allow you to learn a lot about yourself in the process. You are learning how to assert yourself, in relation to groups.

You may also feel the need to expand yourself spiritually and idealistically this month and in doing so, you may be able to tap into career aspirations that will truly connect you with your gifts and talents.

February Transits

Astrologers use the term transits to mean the positions of the major planets that are overhead (in the sky) right now and their relationship to our birth chart. Transits are very important indicators of the current situation in which we find ourselves. They can provide insight into what we are now going through.

Your Moon is opposing Sun, Venus, and Mercury: What this means is that the focus this month will be on learning how to be objective in your attitude towards your relationships, especially in relation to groups.

Mars enters your first house & Mars conjuncts your Ascendant (until June 1) – This is “A Time of New Beginnings”, you can be bold, assertive, headstrong, dominant and possibly impatient now and you can get your point across in a big way.

Jupiter trines your Moon (thru early April) – Your work can be in real harmony with your life right now. There is a lot to be gained from subordinates and young people too.

Neptune sextiles Neptune (until end of March) – A good time to reach into your dreams and be guided by visions.

Jupiter sextiles the MC (until end of March) – This is a high water mark for your career, recognition and so on.

Moon trines Venus, secondary progression (until early May) – Romantic and social relationships are good right now, as are finances.

Your Progressed Moon - Where your heart is – your current area of greatest emotional emphasis.

A Progressed chart actually progresses each planet forward in time so that one day symbolically equals one year. This kind of "day for a year" progression can be used as a predictive technique along with the study of Transits.

Your Progressed Moon is in Gemini in the 2nd House. Your Progressed Moon has been in Gemini for approximately 6 months and has about 2 years left to go until it enters the sign of Cancer. Your Progressed Moon has been in the 2nd House for 9 months with approximately 15 months left to go until it enters the 3rd House where it will remain for approximately 2 ½ years.

Progressed Moon In Gemini: Flexibility is the point now. You have gotten too stiff, too sleepy, too predictable. Open yourself up. Recover your capacity to feel amazement. Speak, read, listen, write – these are your “yogas.” Undertake them with spirit and verve. If an idea or experience feels interesting to you, go investigate. Don’t worry if you appear to be running around in circles. You are gathering material now and no master plans are necessary at this point in the lunar cycle. No matter how old you are, accept the idea that you have returned temporarily to childhood and let that notion fill you with exuberance and curiosity.

Progressed Moon in the 2nd House: Can you finish what you have started? That is the question life is asking you now. During this phase, you are 3-4 years into a new cycle. Some of the giddiness has worn off. You have time to get scared, to question whether you are really good enough to carry out the projects you have undertaken. Everything depends upon finding the courage to follow through on the new beginning you have made. You must prove yourself to yourself. You desperately need some victories now, to reaffirm your confidence and to dispel the feeling of being an imposter in your role, which is so characteristic of this phase in the lunar progression. Create those victories for yourself. Take on further commitments, deeper challenges. You are probably better and stronger than you think you are. Take a risk. Convince yourself. If you lack anything it is most likely resources. You are in a new cycle. Accept it. Prepare yourself for the long haul by creating a resource base that can sustain your new pattern of development.

Amber's Response to Her Reading:

When I first asked Amber if she would allow me to publish her name along with her reading she said, "of course publish away and I hope it brings more people to try out the readings :) "

For my New Moon Reading - the Red Clover card is perfect for my current state of mind.

You were also really correct about me being impatient, swinging from one extreme to the other, getting tired and depressed and feeling hopeless. That just hit the nail on the head so I was really relieved to hear that I would soon be overcoming my difficulties.

It's funny because I looked back over the New Moon Reading (a few months later) and there was something that Tomas the spirit guide said (that I had forgotten about) that really ended up applying to my current situation. You wrote "He is saying you need to assert yourself this month, in your job, that you need to take a stand, with your two feet firmly planted, but also to do it with a sense of humor." I have had to do that with both my job and my house recently (something I have not been good with in the past) and it really helped me to keep a sense of humor about it- I probably would have gone crazy had it not been for that :) "

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