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Twice a month Kathy features a creative soul that has the same sun sign (the day you were born) as the New Moon and Full Moon. You are invited to discuss how your sun sign influences, inspires and effects your work - interview questions are included at the end of this post. Here are some past examples of Creative Soul Spotlights.

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Featured Artist Comments:

Aries artist, Jennifer King

Thank you for the opportunity to be seen in your blog and the opportunity for a little self discovery as I thought about your blog interview questions. I hadn't told most of my friends and family about my shop yet (I didn't want to seem like I was selling to them and my confidence was low). I did have the confidence to tell them about the blog interview though and the response was so amazing! It was so nice to hear their thoughts after reading your interview post and to feel their support. It was a great way to show my creative side to my family and friends.

Again thank you for all you do with your blog! It's great for artists to read about other artist's and why they do the things we do. There's a certain kinship there!

Jennifer King, Book artist, printmaker

I love the path I have chosen and writing this is such an affirmation. I wish you many Blessings in love in light.

Ellen Roche, TheSpiralGoddess

Leo Artist Spotlight on Robin Rizzi

I just checked it out & it looks awesome! More than that, I had a great time doing it! It really gave me new insight into my work & myself. Thanks again for the opportunity! I will visit your site again, I love it! Keep shining!

Robin Rizzi, Collage artist

What a cool thing for me to sit and acknowledge my feelings in a way that I could put my thoughts into words. It has brightened my spirit and given me a new sense of courage. Thank you for your post. I can't say I would have taken the time to voice this otherwise. Regardless of whether or not I am chosen, I am glad that I came across your thread and wrote a response.

Dianna, Fine artist

Cancerian Artist, Gillian Manford

I like the idea of people getting inspired to think outside of their normal realms! Thank you so much for featuring me, it was a fun thing to do and I like how it made me think about my work in a really different way!

Gillian, Faery photographer

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Interview Questions (optional):

1. What aspect of creating your art or craft do you find the most enjoyable?

2. What originally got you started creating your art or craft?

3. Who has inspired you the most creatively, and why?

4. How did you decide what medium to work in?

5. How does your zodiac sign influence your creativity?

6. What do you like best about your sign and least?

7. What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft?

8. If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why?

9. If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why?

10. What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively?

11. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Don't Forget To Include:

  • a photo of you
  • a photo of you creating your art/craft (optional)
  • a short bio of 3-7 sentences
  • links to your shop, website, blog

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