"The Visitors" by Guest Writer Cappy Sue

"The Visitors" by Cappy Sue

I am writing this account some twenty-five to twenty-six years after the event and I give you my word that everything I am about to tell you is the truth.

I was four years of age when I met the visitors for the first and only time. I had fallen asleep while lying down beside my mother during her afternoon nap. She often took long naps in the afternoon while I played on her king sized bed with my barbies and books. Some time later I woke to the sound of talking and thought my mother was awake, but realized that she was still sleeping next to me. I was worried that my father was home from work, and I shook her furiously because I was afraid they would fight. The main issue was that my mother had no interest in being a housewife and my father had no concept of how much was involved in maintaining the household.

While shoving against my mothers backside I heard the voices getting louder. My mother was a notoriously deep sleeper due to her partial deafness and managed to sleep right through the noise. I slowly turned toward the foot of the bed and saw three beings real as could be. All three were bald and rather androgynous looking. They wore long choir-like light, lavender gowns.They were speaking to each other in a language I could not understand. The one in the middle was writing something down and they all carried tools or instruments of some kind. I got the feeling they were doing research. They were neither pleasant or unpleasant to me. They also clearly recognized that I could see them and that I was awake, however they never interacted with me or made eye contact. It was a strange feeling, possibly how an animal might feel during its first day at a zoo.

After staring at them in awe for a good thirty seconds, I turned and buried my face in my mother while screaming and shaking her. Finally she awoke and wanted to know what was wrong and I pointed to the visitors, only to realize they had vanished I told her the whole story while pointing to the foot of the bed where they had first appeared.

My mother calmed me down and reassured me that the voices must have come from the T.V. and that I had probably dreamed the whole thing. When we got to the TV room she stopped dead in her tracks, because someone had turned it off. She got very serious and locked every door in the house, not letting me out of her sight for the rest of the day.

I do not know if the visitors were aliens, angels, or beings from the future. It is also possible that I dreamed the whole thing, but I do know that it opened my mind to many possibilities from that day forward.

My art work (pictured above) illustrates the event from a child’s point of view and the images of the beings are as accurate as I could make them.

More about Cappy Sue:

Well my real name is Cathy but I like to write under "Cappy Sue". I am thirty-one and married to a lovely man and I am a mama to a house full of furry babies. My dreams keep me up most nights and often become stories or paintings. I truly believe that we all make choices, but that some things are pre-destined, and that if we keep our ears open and listen, there is always a divine voice whispering and offering us help along the way.

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