A Soul Reading for Claudi

What is a Soul Reading?A soul reading, like a psychic reading involves prophecy, but it also involves healing, inspiration and practical exercises designed to jump start the process of your soul's transformation by giving you the tools necessary for your journey.

I will tune in to your energy to see what is going on with you right now and what is upcoming, and then send you an email with depictions of the oracle cards chosen for your reading along with my first impressions and any key words, feelings or images that come up.

During a reading guidance is received from the Divine in response to your questions about love, career, healing, and karmic destiny. In some cases your spirit guides and ancestors will also pop in to say hello and share a message or two.

How is it done? I work to prepare myself energetically and physically through yoga, meditation and chakra balancing. I work with oracle cards of my own design along with healing crystals in response to your questions. I request from Spirit an open heart and a clear channel to provide you with information that is only of the highest, deepest and most profound good for your soul. My style of reading is down-to earth, and informative with conscientious follow-up! How can a reading be done long distance? Reading soul energy over a distance actually gives much better results, based upon the techniques that I employ. It allows me to focus all my attention upon your soul's energy, and not be distracted by your feelings or reactions. I can still sense if you are nervous, unfocused, or even skeptical, but because you are not directly in front of me, it will not distract me from reading your energy. You can read more about soul readings here.

A Soul Reading for Claudi

- The very first thing I am drawn to in your reading are my gemstones and crystals - your thoughts feel silvery! I close my eyes and pick a stone for your reading, and the gemstone I choose is an Emerald, actually a cluster of emeralds that reside in a whitish chunk of stone.

Emerald has traditionally been used to stimulate wealth and abundance. Emerald can help you to create wealth by removing thoughts and feelings of unworthiness from your energy field.

- The next image I receive is of a small white dog, similar to the dog that appears in The Fool card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. (I’m not sure what the appearance of this dog means, but I’m thinking that if you look up the meaning of The Fool card, it will give you some answers.)

- A whole group of your spirit guides decide to show up next! They are mercurial, quicksilver-like guides. They show me a path strewn with flower petals, that lead to a castle – your castle!

- You are their (Fairy) Princess.

- They have also decided that they will guide me along as I work on your reading!

- They tell me that the Emerald will also help you in contacting them, later on.

- They show me many crystals all over the palace grounds and they are dancing just for you.

They also allow me to pull a card for you from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and the card I pull is called “Fairy Duster.” The Fairy Herbal deck consists of eighty oracle cards that I created from my Fairy Herbal paintings. Their energy is light, ethereal, airy, and sparkly plus based in the green world, so add in some earthiness and green energy as well.

Fairy Duster balances one’s tendency to swing between highs and lows and between inflated expectations and dashed hopes and dreams.

- Your guides approve of this card and immediately create a huge wall-sized tapestry of it for the wall of your castle bedroom to help you sleep at night and for sparkly dreams.

The next card I pull relates to their advice for you (they are really hurrying me along with this reading!) The second card is called “Wood Rose Fairy.”

Wood Rose is carried to attract good luck and fortune.

- Your guides are telling you to, “Pay Attention.”

Now we are on to the next card already and this card will look at the future, six months down the road. This card is called “Wild Hyacinth Fairies.” The Hyacinth is a feminine herb ruled by the planet Venus and offers one love, happiness and protection.

- Your guides are squealing, “OHHHHH – That job she wants!”

- This job seems to involve measuring – I see you holding something up high in the air and taking measurements – it involves gracefulness and lots of money, “She’ll like that!” your guides say!

Claudi comments on her reading:

I had an Introductory Soul Reading with Kathy on June 3, 2009 and she had no details about me at all.

When I received my reading I was excited about all she had written. While not everything has come to understanding, each day that passes see more of what she said come alive.

I laughed at the beginning when she said my thoughts are silvery. I have silver hair! Then she chose a stone for my reading....it was an emerald and my birthday is May 27. She spoke about my lovely spirit guides. I had no idea I even had any - how wonderful to know that.

There is so much that went on in the reading it's hard to go over every detail. She wrote about a tapestry and I was working on a special one for work. It is hanging up in the hallway even now.

It is comforting to have someone with so special a gift willing to share with others. I am looking forward to other readings with Kathy. Blessed Be.

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