Full Moon in Pisces - A Watery Blessing

Full Moon in Pisces
September 4, 2009
9:03 am PDT

Pisces (the fish) is a mutable, water sign ruled by Neptune, the Greek God of the Sea and it's glyph (or symbol) is two fish tied together. It is the natural ruling sign of the 12th house and it's opposite sign is Virgo. The keyword for Pisces is understanding and the key phrase is I believe.

Piscean artists, Sholeh Mesbah of Troy, Michigan and Marie K. Jones of Boulder City, Nevada do a great job in getting to the heart of what makes their creative gifts shine in a uniquely Piscean way - I can feel all you mermaids out there bubbling to the surface to take a peek at their lovely creations, so spread out your fish tails and take some time to luxuriate in the mystical mind of Pisces.

Sholeh Mesbah

I approach my art with my heart not my head as a true Piscean would. I start with a feeling rather than a plan or a drawing and most often the end piece is the result of a creative and intuitive process, not a detailed, planned out drawing.

One of the Piscean tendencies is to understand things by absorption rather than logic. This reminds me of the time when I tried to be like others and draw what I had in mind. I spent two days on the drawing with no luck. I am a painter as well, so not knowing how to draw was not the problem. I just could not marry the intuitive part with the mechanical part of me, but when I picked up my tools and started working, the piece started to take shape and after a few hours I had completed what I had imagined.

The Fish likes to be able to flow in and out of clothing with ease and I love comfortable clothing. This preference can be seen in all my pieces, I will not make a piece of jewelry that is uncomfortable. My pieces tend to be practical first, trendy second.

Wire Crochet Aquamarine Glass Necklace

As a Piscean I become completely absorbed in my work, to the exclusion of everything else. It is very common for me to work on a piece non-stop until it is done. Often, if I cannot finish it in a day, I find myself thinking about it before bed and after waking up. If I run into a problem, I will not stop until I figure out a solution.

Starfish & Amethyst Necklace

Pisceans love new sensations; I think that is why you will find various distinct styles of jewelry in my shop. You can see the Piscean love of luxury in my choice of materials and designs.

In addition to making jewelry, I am a stained glass artist, watercolor painter, and I also take and sell photos as most Pisceans seek multiple venues to express their creative side.

Loren Eiseley, the esteemed anthropologist once wrote “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” I sooo agree. Of course, as a Pisces I might be a bit biased. Then again, I am also a bath and body escape artist.

Creating a space for escape and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures started out as a hobby, but is quickly evolving into a business. I started out making natural bath and body products as presents, wanting to gift the most precious thing possible to people I loved. Oh, and did I mention I was poor? What can be given that is relatively inexpensive, needed, helpful, and thoughtful? I decided on home-made, relaxing, and healing bath & body products.

In the beginning I just altered recipes I found in books to meet my needs. Now I use my Piscean imagination to dream up new items and test them on myself and my family. I LOVE doing R&D (research and development), which will sometimes spontaneously happen. How perfect is it for a Pisces to be able to say, “I have to go take a bath now. It’s for the business?”

I am heavily influenced by the Piscean proclivity for illusion. When creating bath products, my goal is to create a mood or send the mind to another place, once again working as the escape artist. The illusion of bathing in a woodland stream, or in 1890’s Spain can be very relaxing and sensual. How about a bright, citrusy, bubbly bath before school to start the day off right?

Winged Sandal Foot Soak
One of the mixed blessings of the Pisces is being born with rose-colored glasses. I love mine – they keep me optimistic. I feel my general attitude is one of “it can work, I just have to figure out how”.

At the same time, when reality sets in and rips those beloved rose-colored glasses off my face, I can be pretty hard on myself. I sometimes get these big, expansive “It can be done and I can do it” ideas. There are times when I am right. Other times, the vision is a lot easier and/or prettier then the outcome and when it doesn’t work the way I think it should I get severely frustrated and a little depressed. Piscean self-doubt trips me up sometimes too: “Is this good enough?” “Nobody would want to buy this from me...Anybody could think of /make this”. Luckily, I have fish swimming in both directions, so I never linger in stagnant water for long.

Being a visionary comes easier to fish children than follow-through. I have found that working with Neptunian materials in a creative manner helps this Pisces keep the cycle of a project going. I usually start by dreaming up the type of effect I want to create, then using the various oils, waxes, butters, salts, botanicals, and whatever else I have on hand I try to intuit a way to materialize the idea.

Due to the experimental nature of my creative process I have to keep very detailed notes as I go along. More than once I have come up with a recipe I love only to realize that I have no idea how much of which ingredient went in to it! Ideally, as I do my research & development and work on a proto-type I write down the ingredients,
methods, and observations so that when I am done there is a recipe I can reproduce.

SubLime Lip Balm Tin - lime & vanilla flavored

Pisces are not known for their organization. One of my college advisors once told me she was just glad I had brought my semester portfolio to her in a semi-coherent sticker-clad binder rather than the paper bag stuffed with papers she had envisioned a Pisces would turn in. I have to constantly struggle against entropy by keeping detailed lists and making notes on everything. Someone who meets me for the first time today may think I am fairly coordinated, but it is only because I have developed coping mechanisms. My mind is forever in a nebulous state – so many thoughts swirling around unformed. To function, I have learned not only to keep my lists but to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. That’s not to say my space is always neat or I’m always on time, but I am working on it.

Pisces rules the feet and some of my favorite creations this summer are foot pampering products. I love steeping my feet in the fizzing milky-ness of my Winged Sandals Foot Soak and then exfoliating and moisturizing with a bar of Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub. Throw in a good movie, juicy book, or inspiring music and AHH… instant nirvana. Just add water.

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