"I am Blessed" by Guest Writer, Claudi Neff

I am fifty-four right now and it's hard to believe because I still feel so young inside. However, I have come to realize through many life changes and experiences that I am reaping the benefits of my current age and want to share a few insights with you.

I have learned to be who I am, not what I think will make me part of the group. I love Mother Goddess. I LOVE HER! I am part of her and it is okay to embrace that belief and not be afraid of the future.

I am blessed with an amazing amount of energy, both physical and spiritual. I don't believe that I have a special talent, but I do have many loving spirit guides and a loving soul mate. Not many people find that, and that gift is humbling.

I don't believe in accidents. All things have a reason. ALL things. I am NOT afraid of what comes after. I love the full moon, casting a circle, rejoicing in what creation gives and what we can give back and the beauty of my tiny crystals. Most of all, I love being a student, forever.

I recently did a soul reading for Claudi and she kindly allowed me to publish it along with her comments here: "A Soul Reading for Claudi".
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