Returning Home

Watching my friend Rebekha blowing glass during Art after Dark - Kingston Gallery Tour

Today was tough. I had just returned from my hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Canada where the beginnings of Fall were just turning the sumac, the maples and the poplars intense shades of crimson and gold. The flight was a long one and my wise friend in Cali suggested that perhaps my aura had been effected by the jet flight, especially since it was an East to West flight - something I had never considered before.

Me & Ailsa - Birch Island

So, to get myself back in gear I settled down with my Jet sphere and my red Phantom Quartz Crystal from Africa along with a pad of paper and pen. I immediately tuned into my deepest self and just knew that I had to re-locate my source, and connect with my deepest wish. Not sure how or why I had disconnected from it, but sometimes travel can really shake you up!

I thought my routine was just fine as it was, but I realized that I really missed having friends at close call. I missed great live music that I could walk to and I missed a lively art scene and loads of young people and old all mixed in together enjoying a very communal and welcoming city. I missed the open air markets, creative possibilities, and especially the cool, crisp air that accompanies the beginning of fall.

I'm back home now in Southern California, glad to have escaped the over 100 degree heat wave last week, but I'm still a little melancholy. To make up for lost time I'm revamping my art studio, planning on making music a much bigger priority - both playing, listening and dancing to it, looking into artist co-ops once again and thinking about becoming vegetarian. I want to watch less movies, get out more, paint and make prints again. I also have some more dreaming to do in regards to my Lefty book/e-course and of course I will continue soul reading - I think that perhaps it's the absence of this meditative space over the past week while vacationing that I have missed the most and perhaps after all, this is part of why I'm feeling disconnected. Meditation and service to soul come first and then all else falls into place.

Crystals are set out, each in their own patch of moon. "The earth, the air, the fire, the water they turn, they turn, they turn, they turn..." From the CD "A Circle is Cast" by Libaba (Angel Photo and comment by Claudi Neff)

Jet is organic in origin, formed from the remains of wood immersed in water millions of years ago, then compacted and fossilized. Jet has been mined since around 1400 BC and jet carvings have been found in prehistoric burial mounds. It has also been known as black amber, because it can induce an electrical charge like that of amber when rubbed.

Jet helps to heal the grief of losing our place among the stars and supports accepting the limits of incarnation in the physical body. It also helps us to accept the Earth as the place we need to be for the present and opens us to ancient wisdom along with the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the planet.

Jet is also used to banish negativity in order to clearly hear one's intuition and inner light.