Finding My Wings

"Finding My Wings" - acrylic & pastel on paper - 4' x 5'

Some quotes from my last Soul Reader blog post: "It feels like going out on a metaphorical limb or jumping off a cliff. It's exciting and very scary, but so is life and the challenge of living it fully.

So here I go...dear Goddess grant me wings!"

Today I think I found my wings, at least for today. I painted again after taking a hiatus of several months - but today it just came pouring out of me and I couldn't stop it - tears, pain and paint melding into one gorgeous painting experience four hours long and worth every hot second (whatever that means!)

My studio had been shut down as I had packed everything away ready for a move to San Francisco that never happened and today I unpacked it all, taped my watercolor sheets to the wall, primed them and set out my acrylics and pastels, inks, brushes, gutta and all the lovely assorted accoutrements that accompany a painting life.

I'm back in action again while the spirit moves me. Goddess thank you for today's wings - what kind of bird do you think I've painted? I'm not sure, but if you think you know please tell me!

By the way, the painting roughly measures five feet by four feet and consists of 3 large sheets of watercolor paper taped side by side.

Musical inspiration: Delerium, Prince, The White Stripes.